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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Prayer
  • Language:English
  • Pages:149
  • eBook ISBN:9780871596857

Handbook of Positive Prayer

by Hypatia Hasbrouck

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Learn to pray as Jesus prayed and discover more about journaling, visualization, prayer vigils, prayer partners, and other ways to attain a more effective prayer life.
Hypatia Hasbrouck does not simply teach that prayer is a worthwhile practice—she teaches how to pray. Handbook of Positive Prayer is full of exercises, tools, specific steps, and practices to use in creating your personal prayer life. Hasbrouck explains the meaning of affirmative prayer and why we use the word amen. She writes extensively about visualization as a form of prayer. She makes suggestions for prayer journals, prayer partners, prayer letters, and a nine-hour prayer vigil or novena—praying once every hour using the same, simple prayer—to create peace of mind in any circumstances. She teaches how to construct prayers using scripture and backs up her teachings with lessons from the Bible that might surprise you. Prayer is not magic to Hasbrouck; it is law. Our lives reflect the power of our thoughts. To that end, she teaches how to use denials and affirmations with fill-in-the-blank instructions so we can learn how to release worry and keep our thoughts elevated. Perfect for a class or book study. 1. About Positive Prayer 2. The How and Why of Positive Prayer 3. To Pray Constantly 4. The Use of Denials and Affirmations 5. The Seven-Step Prayer 6. Prayer Letters 7. An Active Denial 8. Scriptural Affirmations 9. Visualization as Prayer 10. Guidance 11. Nine-Hour Prayer Vigil or Novena 12. By the Grace of God This book is the perfect guide for the spiritual but not religious reader who needs to know what to do in order to practice spirituality, who is looking for practices to deepen awareness and develop consciousness. It is also a deep dive into prayer using the universal principles taught in Unity. Hasbrouck points out that Jesus used and taught positive prayer, but she says it works because of the Law of Mind Action, a metaphysical principle based on the power of our thoughts. This is a wonderful introduction to prayer that will also enrich those already on a spiritual path.
About the author
Hypatia Hasbrouck began her spiritual studies as a child by reading Wee Wisdom® magazine, published by Unity. She applied what she had learned for the rest of her life, using positive thinking and positive prayer. Before entering the ministry, Hasbrouck spent 20 years in education and drama. After being ordained in 1974, she served as dean of the Unity ministerial education program at Unity Village and director of education for the Association of Unity Churches. She also led churches in Missouri, Kansas, and California. Throughout her years of service, she collected and adapted various prayer techniques. As a result of repeated requests from students, Hasbrouck compiled her most effective methods in the Handbook of Positive Prayer. Her primary objective was to "help people make right, conscious contact with the Mind of God," opening themselves to accept their good and live with awareness in the divine presence. She made her transition in January 2001.

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