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  • SubGenre:Diet & Nutrition / Weight Loss
  • Language:English
  • Pages:101
  • eBook ISBN:9781617927492

The Lunch Box Diet: For Men - The Ultimate Male Diet & Workout Plan For Men's Health

Kill your belly fat, lose weight & get lean, strong and muscular

by Simon Lovell

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Based on the amazon bestseller called 'the best diet' and 'the easiest diet', Men's Fitness / Sport Magazine expert Simon Lovell has devised an easy to use diet and fitness plan specifically for men. Its famous approach looks at what you eat between your breakfast and evening meal, grazing throughout the day. It's the same system that is used by countless personal trainers and it works. It's fast, sustainable and fun. You won't even feel like you're on a diet and whether you work in an office, are on the move or are just chilling at home, the Lunch Box Diet: For Men makes losing weight super simple. It works by speeding up your metabolism by 'grazing' so you're less likely to snack and most of all you're never hungry. What's more it compliments your gym sessions by using a special 'active carbs system'. Once you've tried it you won't go back.
Simon Lovell’s new system The Lunch Box Diet: For Men is an informative an easy to understand plan designed to turn around the lives of out of shape men. Through informative and insightful prose, Lovell explains why men of the 21st century need a proper dieting and fitness plan—it is because their livelihood, heath and success (professionally and personally) depends on living long and looking good. More and more women are getting into the fitness craze and as a result, men need to respond. As women get fit and stay fit longer (which is certainly a plus for men!), they demand that their spouses stay fit and they look for partners that keep fit as well. Aside from this, modern medicine has proven that with proper diet and fitness men can increase their libido, ramp up their sexual stamina and improve the sexual excitement of the opposite sex. Lovell’s book is more than just an easy to follow guide. It is revolutionary in its approach, going far beyond the traditional “90 Day Fitness Plan” that simply sets out a path for you to follow. The Lunch Box Diet: For Men is reduced into simple to follow principles and easily explained concepts that provide a working knowledge of diet and fitness to the reader. In essence, Lovell does not just provide a plan to follow, he provides a methodology and a knowledge that is adaptable to each man’s own individuality. From The Lunch Box Diet: For Men, guys will take away information that they can apply to themselves on a personal level, crafting and creating their own plan to follow based on specific goals and needs. For those of us who are truly lazy, Lovell provides a simple to follow exercise plan at the end of his book that is designed for three different levels of starting fitness. The genius of Lovell’s guide is its combination of diet and exercise principles. In the first half of the guide, he focuses on explaining his expert strategies for eating right. After an explanation of why men need to eat right and exercise, Lovell explains several steps that men can take to move toward diet success. Following this, he brings a cohesive plan together, outlining his “Male Box” grazing plan that relies on the same proven principles as his very successful “Lunch Box Diet.” The second part of the guide focuses on fitness and training. Lovell first explains the principles behind his training philosophy—helping readers to understand how they can develop their own plan. He then explains all of the essential workouts that are needed to complete the 90 Day Plan provided in the guide. Descriptions of all exercises are also included. The guide wraps up with a simple fitness plan in calendar format. The Lunch Box Diet: For Men s is revolutionary. It is designed to change the way men think about dieting and fitness. Unfortunately, men too often ignore their bodies, letting their personal decision to eat unhealthily and put off exercise ruin their relationships and livelihood. Moreover, many fitness plans leave men out. They focus on the very traditional methods of helping women succeed. Lovell himself has helped this market before—but he has decided to turn back to his roots. He was once an out of shape and unmotivated wimp who could not fend for himself in a world dominated by the masculine ideal. By educating himself he became a gorilla—getting the life, women and dreams that he wanted through improving his body, mind and spirit. Now as he applies his fitness knowledge to help men, Lovell affirms his commitment to his manly roots.
About the author
Former overweight bullied teenager, Simon Lovell has transformed his life and is now one the leading experts to magazines such as Men's Health, Sport Magazine, BBC News & The Daily Telegraph. Simon's original approach to losing weight has transformed thousands of lives. He makes losing belly fat easy, sustainable and fun.