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  • SubGenre:Rich & Famous
  • Language:English
  • Pages:648
  • Hardcover ISBN:9781098317386

Roses Among the Thorns

The Founders of The Bohemian Club

by William A. Stricklin

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About the Book Guests of Margaret B. and James F. Bowman of the San Francisco Chronicle were invited to Sunday breakfasts that often lasted all day into dinner with lots of wine. Sunday breakfasts tripled in size, attracting some of the most talented writers and artists of the city, including three women, Margaret Bowman, actress Elizabeth Crocker Bowers, and California's Poet Laureate and first librarian of The Bohemian Club Ina Coolbrith. Margaret and James' breakfasts included women and men. If we may, let us lay aside all our quibbles about who is, and who is not, "a Founder." The Bohemian Club's Historian has never listed a woman among the Founders, nor has a woman been given full membership in the Club. The first, second, third and fourth women among the Club's Founders were the gracious hostess of the Sunday breakfasts, Margaret B. Bowman, wife of Founder James F. Bowman; Sara Jane Lippincott (pen name Grace Greenwood) Elizabeth Crocker Bowers, the actress wife of actor David P. Bowers; and Josephine Donna Smith California's Poet Laureate, first in the United States (pen name Ina Coolbrith). Since Ina Coolbrith's death in 1928, actress Helen Hayes came close, but no woman has become a Club member. Honorary members and female guests are allowed inside the "City Club" building and as daytime guests of Bohemian Grove, but not to the upper floors of the City Club nor as guests during "summer encampment".
You will enjoy the untold life stories of some utterly fascinating men and women. These pages include life stories of four dozen Founders. Here are examples of the tales just ahead as you turn the pages: • Founder who gave 5,000 dresses to women of San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake and fire • Founder who arrived in an overland wagon train with African-American scout Jim Beckwourth astride Jim's horse with him • Founder whose 1,500 employees were drafted to fight in WW I, put half their salaries into their bank accounts • The San Francisco Bulletin on June 16, 1874 reported a Founder's pistol fight in street with Charles de Young • Founder who ran away to sea as a boy where he bore witness to piracy and the slave trade. • Fifty-year-old Founder who shared his bed in romantic entanglement with eighteen-year-old Japanese servant Yone secretly married to Léonie Gilmour, and secretly engaged to Ethel Armes, while Yone married a third woman in Japan • Founder who opened a society ball escorted by Pío de Jesús Pico who was the last Mexican Governor of California • Founder whose mother became 6th or 7th wife (he lost track en route to 149) of Joseph Smith, not the Founder's father • Founder whose romantic attachment in Paris, France, was Francis Davis Millet an American academic classical painter, sculptor, and writer who died in the sinking of the RMS Titanic on April 15, 1912, saving women and children • Founder who when ten years old fearlessly rode a bare-backed horse, standing on his back legs. • Founder whom the Board of Directors expelled from the Club accused of causing assassination of a United States President, then was shot to death by a military firing squad • One of the world's two best chess players split two games then lost to a Founder in a simultaneous blindfold game • Founder who was chased 125 miles 21 hours on horseback by an Apache warrior after a nasty knife fight • Founder who traveled to Washington DC and upset a secret fraudulent $130 Million payment to "the Big Four." An angry Huntington confronted him on the steps of the Capitol and told him to "name his price." The Founder's answer ended up in newspapers nationwide: "My price is one hundred thirty million dollars. If, when you are ready to pay, I happen to be out of town, you may hand it over to my friend, the Treasurer of the United States." • Founder who invented the daiquiri while situated near the Cuban village of Daiquirí, • While taking photographs of the sunset from a round bottom boat, a Founder lost his balance and fell into the lake, then drowned after being knocked unconscious by hitting his head on the edge of the boat as he fell. • First woman elected to membership before the charter at the first formal Bohemian Club meeting held in her home • Founder who built a Party House in order to keep entertaining his Bohemian friends after hours • Founder who amassed 45 volumes of scrapbooks of clippings on murders, punishments, freaks, theories of crime and punishment, transvestism, psychology of gender, homosexuality, cricket scores, and his letters to newspapers. • Founder who personally knew Apache Chiefs Mangas Coloradas ("Red Sleeves") and Cochise. • Founder who evolved the Georgist paradigm seeking solutions to social and ecological problems • Founder defended a native American accused of murder on his reservation, arguing successfully before the Supreme Court of the United States that reservations were not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States • Founder who published a major work about the life of the butterfly • Founder with 252 works in 716 publications in 2 languages and 8,682 library holdings • Multimillionaire Founder who spent most of his time traveling; after 1890 the did not own a home and considered an upstairs room above the Bohemian Club his home for the rest of his life. • Founder who refused when Leland Stanford, Governor of California, invited him to be General Superintendent of Central Pacific Railroad
About the author
William Albert Stricklin JD PgMP, FAI-P/P Senior Expert III LEED AC Design and Construction Bill Stricklin is a Phi Beta Kappa scholar who earned his AB with honors at the University of California, Berkeley, followed by a doctor of laws JD degree at Harvard Law School and cloak-and-dagger training at the Fort Holabird Counterintelligence School for Cold War spy-craft. Military Training and Service • Life Member of the "Military Order of World Wars", • Ft. Lewis; basic infantry Ft. Benning; Fort Holabird, Counterintelligence Corps; Ft. McNair, Pentagon • Honorable Discharge two years active service (wartime); four years of U.S. Army Reserve Professional License History • State Bar of California Attorney 036559 Active 1964-2020 • Hawai'i State Bar Association JD0962 Active 1970-2020 • Washington State Bar Association Attorney 10456 Active 1969-2020 • State of Washington General Contractor: Type I steel/concrete 1968-1970 • State of Hawai'i "B" General Contractor CT6406: 2/16/1973-4/30/1996 • State of Hawai'i Real Estate Broker 1968-2015 ("inactive") • State of California Real Estate Broker 1958-1999 • Financial Consultant, Montecito Bank & Trust 1997-1998 Courts Admitted to Practice • Supreme Court of the United States • United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit • United States Tax Court • United States District Court for the Northern District of California • United States District Court, District of Hawai'i • Supreme Court of the State of California • Supreme Court of Hawai'i • Washington Supreme Court Bar Affiliations, Activities and Memberships • Hawai'i Bar's Model Rules Committee for lawyers' conduct • Hawai'i Bar's Government Lawyers Section • Hawai'i Bar's Litigation Section • Hawai'i Bar's Natural Resources Section • Founding Charter Member Washington State Bar Assn Civil Rights Section. • Active Member 2020 of the Bar Association of San Francisco (BASF) 162968 • Environmental Law Section of BASF • Ethics Committee of BASF • Race and Ethnicity Committee of BASF • Disability Rights Committee of BASF Honors and Awards • Order of Golden Bear University of California • Listed National Trust Directory of Historic Preservation Lawyers • Chair, Hawai'i Advisory Committee, AAA 1975 to 1985 • Natl Board of Trustees, American Arbitration Association 1990-1994 • Santa Barbara Board of Trustees, Planned Giving Chair, Red Cross 1998-2000 • Hawai'i's "Mediator of the Year" • Robinson Cox Visiting Fellow, Law School, University of WA (Perth) 1989 to 1990, teaching Law Society and students resolution of disputes • Charter Member Founding Secy, Hawai'i Lambda Alpha Land Economics Honor Society • Master Mason Berkeley 363; Oakland CA Scottish Rite 32 degree; Aloha Shrine Temple Published Books by William A. Stricklin: • Family Secrets a nonfiction ISBN 978-1-48098-155-3 • A Pregnant Nun a historical novel ISBN 978-1-09830-437-9 • A Hundred Secrets Books 1-100 nonfiction anthology ISBN 978-1-64530-835-7 • S'more Secrets fiction 3 Volumes bedtime stories ISBN 798-1-64530-433-3 • The Prince and I - Miss Olive historic murder novel ISBN 978-1-64530-432-6 • Senatorial Courtesy – nonfiction life-saving senatorial courtesy by Senator John William Warner III ISBN 978-1-54399-891-7 • Ladies Day – nonfiction misogyny Harvard professors 1960s ISBN 978-1-5499-920-4 • A Perfect Crime a historical novel ISBN 978-1-09830-140-8 • The Boss – nonfiction account 18 months service to Vice President Richard Nixon ISBN 978-1-09830-750-9 • Epilogue – nonfiction crimes of Nixon Presidential staff ISBN 978-1-54399-891-7 • George Sterling A Wine of Wizardry - ISBN 978-1-09831-102-5 • Ambrose Bierce 70 short stories ISBN 978-1-09831-080-6 • White Fox – White Buffalo – Historical Novel ISBN 000-0-00000-000-0 • Easter Parade - nonfiction COVID-19 ISBN 978-1-09830-945-9 • Four Score and More – autobiography ISBN 978-1-54399-922-8 • Roses Among the Thorns – Founders of The Bohemian Club ISBN 978-1-09831-423-1

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