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  • Genre:HISTORY
  • SubGenre:Europe / Great Britain / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:824
  • Hardcover ISBN:9798350911763

In Passing - Four Score and Seven - Autobiography of William A Stricklin

Footprints on the Sands of Time - Psalm of a Life Fully and Well Lived

by William A. Stricklin

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In Passing Four Score and Seven discloses my extended family's darkest secrets over a thousand years. Half a century of research has created nonfiction books not to put down: a pregnant nun; the secret library in the Strickland manor where Catherine Parr, Queen of England (Henry VIII's sixth wife) locked prohibited books away from the castle in order to keep her head from being chopped off; regicide of a boy king by his stepmother; a hunting trip in which my distant forebear Eadgar put a hunting javelin between the shoulder blades of his best friend - then hastily married the best friend's gorgeous wife fourteen days later; a ménage during a coronation dinner including a young king, his new bride and his new mother-in-law; abduction of my two-day-old maternal great-great-grandmother in a Comanche raid; her escape from slavery; the murder trial of Katie Stricklin who used arsenic when poisoning members of our family.
I must acknowledge that my research evidences my extended family may be firmly founded on the five strong pillars of murder, betrayal, greed, lust and incest and has far more than its fair share of family secrets. There is a secret library in the Strickland manor where Catherine Parr, Queen of England locked prohibited books in order to keep her head from being chopped off. Book 1 Vikings' Secret leads to Book 2 Elizabeth d'Eyncourt's Secrets of Sizergh Castle built by Vikings that became the seat of my extended family for over a thousand years. The family arrived in England as part of the Norman Conquest, and received granted land in Cumbria. Sizergh Castle came into their hands through marriage. Thomas de Strickland (Sir) DOB about 1367 DOD July 30, 1455 spent his life attending to Parliamentary duties and in his country's wars. Thomas de Strickland first came to prominence during the Battle of Agincourt in 1415CE, carrying the flag of St. George (a great honor apparently). Thomas de Strickland brought with him a complement of archers. The Bowmen of Kendal with Thomas Strickland were instrumental in the English victory against overwhelming French odds. You will discover a pregnant nun whom one of my forebears persuaded he had no involvement in her "immaculate conception" but she could move into his home at Sevenoaks when the criticism of the Abbess became unbearable for the Sister, neglecting to mention he was already married with a toddler to babysit while living there. Eadgar invited his best friend to join him for a day of hunting, resulting in a hunting accident with Eadgar's steel javelin thrust between his friend's shoulder blades. Fourteen days later Eadgar married his best friend's gorgeous wife. Readers may wish to communicate their most favorite terms for Eadgar's hunting accident. So far readers have contributed scoundrel, villain, criminal, louse, despicable man, miserable creature, offensive lawbreaker, outlaw, rogue, beast, unprincipled man, villain, scoundrel, dishonest creep, unscrupulous person, disreputable rascal, a person responsible for unhappiness, harm and damage, a wretch, a lustful and greedy pig, inhumanely cruel, good-for-nothing, snake-in-the-grass, creep and stinkpot, scumbag, weasel, heel, skunk, utterly ungentlemanly cad. My extended family includes, as well, the kind of evil stepmother usually found only in a frightening children's fairy tale. This one invited her trusting boy king stepson to Corfe Castle to drink some poisoned mead, thereby paving the way for her own son to become a king. As if regicide of a boy king by his stepmother were not enough; a coronation feast for another family member slid off the rails a bit when the presiding bishop noticed that my family member was no longer sitting in his place of honor; nor was his new bride; nor, indeed, was… oh, my goodness, his new mother-in-law also is missing from her seat at the coronation feast table. Bishop Dunstan might have uttered a more polite term "polyamory" to describe to guests the domestic arrangement he discovered then occupying the bedchamber. A ménage à trois is what he reported; and he was not even French. Yes, the artists confirm a ménage a trois during a coronation dinner with the youthful king in bed with both his new bride and his mother-in-law. Abduction of my two-day-old maternal great-great-grandmother during a Comanche raid and saga of her escape from slavery led to unfortunate notions of incest, technically true, legally accurate, but not biological, that my brave maternal grand-mother Dollie puzzled about for seventy years as her family's shame, burning the evidence of her maternal grandmother's romance while enslaved. During my brief time at The Law School University of Western Australia (Perth) my secretary Emily vacationed on Strickland River every July, which I have related in Emily's Secret Emily's Cargo Cult of 40 Mates on Strickland River Irian Jaya Historical Novel
About the author
About the Writer William A Stricklin: Military Training and Service • Life Member of "Military Order of World Wars", • Bill received training initially at Ft. Lewis; basic infantry training, Ft. Benning, Georgia; followed by Fort Holabird, Counterintelligence Corps training for US Army service at Ft. McNair and in the Pentagon • Honorable Discharge two years active service (wartime); and four years US Army Reserve Professional License History • State Bar of California 036559 Active 1964-2023 • Hawai'i State Bar Association JD0962 Active 1970-2023 • Washington State Bar Attorney 10456 Active 1969-2023 • State of Washington General Contractor: Type I steel/concrete 1968-1970 Denny Building • State of Hawai'i "B" General Contractor CT6406: 2/16/1973-4/30/1996 Amfac Center HI • State of Hawai'i Real Estate Broker 1968-2015( "inactive") • State of California Real Estate Broker: Commercial, Residential real estate sales and leasing 1958-1999 • Financial Consultant, Montecito Bank & Trust. Santa Barbara 1997-1998 Courts Admitted to Practice • Supreme Court of the United States 1964-2023 • United States Court of Appeals for Ninth Circuit • United States Tax Court 1964-2023 • United States District Court for the Northern District of California 1964-2023 • United States District Court, District of Hawai'i • Supreme Court of State of California 1970-2023 • Supreme Court of Hawai'i 1970-2023 • Washington Supreme Court (Rule 18 reciprocity in 26 states) 1969-2023 Bar Affiliations, Activities and Memberships • Hawai'i Bar's Model Rules Committee, rules of lawyers' conduct • Hawai'i Bar's Government Lawyers Section • Hawai'i Bar's Litigation Section • Hawai'i Bar's Natural Resources Section • Founding Charter Member Washington State Bar Association Civil Rights Section. Active Member of Bar Association of San Francisco (BASF) 162968 • Environmental Law Section of BASF • Conference of Delegates Committee of the BASF • Ethics Committee of BASF • Member Race and Ethnicity Committee of BASF • Member of Disability Rights Committee of BASF Honors Philanthropic Affiliations and Awards • Order of Golden Bear to promote statewide unity of University of California campuses • Chair, University of California Alumni Association, Washington DC 1960-61 • Listed in National Trust for Historic Preservation Directory of Historic Preservation Lawyers • Chair, Hawai'i Advisory Committee, American Arbitration Assn 1975 to 1985 • Master Mason 3° Berkeley 363 Blue Lodge 1959 • Scottish Rite 32° Mason Oakland Temple 1959 • Hawai'i Shriners Temple 1968 • Hawai'i Shriners Hospital Clown Corps • Hawai'i Opera Theater Board of Trustees • Hawai'i Ballet Board of Trustees • National Board of Trustees, American Arbitration Assn, New York, 1990-1994 • Santa Barbara Board Trustees, Planned Giving Chair, American Red Cross 1998-2000 • Member Santa Barbara Board of Trustees, Catholic Charities, 1998-2000 • Member Santa Barbara Board of Trustees, Cottage Hospitals, 1998-2000 • Elected Member Montecito Santa Barbara All Saints by the Sea Episcopal Church Board, 2000-02 • Hawai'i's "Mediator of the Year" 1989 American Arbitration Association • Robinson Cox Visiting Fellow, Law School, University of WA (Perth) 1989 to 1990, teaching dispute resolution to the Law Society and students • Facilitated the Australian Minister of Land's return of land the size of Rhode Island called Silver Plains Station Queensland to the traditional owners, Lama Lama Peoples • Charter Member Founding Secretary, Hawai'i Lambda Alpha (Land Economics Honor Society) • Confrere Order of Knights of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, appointed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to help serve medical needs of children of all faiths caught up in the wars of the Middle East

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