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  • Genre:HISTORY
  • SubGenre:United States / 20th Century
  • Language:English
  • Pages:840

The Plumbers - United Airlines Flight 553 - Volume 2

An Unsolved $2,000,000 Mystery

by William Stricklin

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The Plumbers – United Airlines Flight 553 - An Unsolved $2,000,000 Mystery - Volume 2 – Nonfiction © 2020 Case No. 1-9185174771 - ISBN 978-1-09833-401-7 "The Saga of United Airlines Flight 553" is not solved in time for me to write a comprehensive report about CREEP's missing $2,000,000 (Committee for Re-Election of the President) perhaps given maybe stolen perhaps stolen by Dorothy Hunt, after bragging to CREEP that her husband "has information that would blow the White House out of the water." Investigative reporter Sherman Skolnick testified that President Richard Nixon's hitman was aboard Flight 553 among twelve passengers with ties to Watergate to assure Dorothy Hunt was killed and to recover the stolen $2,000,000 for CREEP. President Richard M. Nixon's special counsel Chuck Colson echoed the CIA's responsibility for the crash. After Introduction –ISBN 978-1-09833-500-7 • The Plumbers – United Airlines Flight 553 - An Unsolved $2,000,000 Mystery - Volume 1 – Nonfiction © 2020 Case No. 1-9185174771 - ISBN 978-1-09833-400-0 • The Plumbers – United Airlines Flight 553 - An Unsolved $2,000,000 Mystery - Volume 2 – Nonfiction © 2020 Case No. 1-9185174771 - ISBN 978-1-09833-401-7
The Plumbers – United Airlines Flight 553 - An Unsolved $2,000,000 Mystery - Volume 2 – Nonfiction © 2020 Case No. 1-9185174771 - ISBN 978-1-09833-401-7 Watergate at half-century: The long shadow of the national nightmare is now at age 50. As the scandal fades from memory to myth, a central question about the scarring chapter in U.S. history lingers: Did Nixon's misdeeds and downfall strip the nation of its innocence or affirm the resilience of the American system? "The Plumbers" tells about people Bill saw and heard with a ringside seat behind the scenes in 1960-1961 and replicates research by History Commons org itemizing crimes Bill avoided by not joining the White House staff respecting his mother's advice "never stay too long at the fair." Loie Gaunt's death June 26, 2020 leaves three of Nixon's Vice Presidential staff still living. "The Plumbers" First Edition is a work in progress telling the stories of nearly 200 individuals who have become part of the unresolved mystery of whether $2,000,000.was stolen from CREEP and its whereabouts. In 1973 paraplegic investigative reporter Sherman H. Skolnick published The Secret History of Airplane Sabotage, addressing the UA Flight 553 crash that killed Dorothy Hunt and Michelle Clark on 8th December, 1972, and the FBI's purported inability to recover $2,000,000 in travelers' checks and money orders, $50,000 in $100-bills of currency, all stolen from CREEP that Dorothy Hunt was carrying as the Plumbers' paymistress. The FBI's appearance at the crash site was unusually fast. Twelve passengers had connections to Watergate. Spoiler Alert: The whereabouts of the $2,000,000 remains an unsolved mystery. In my research seeking to verify Skolnick's report that $2,000,000 had been stolen from CREEP and was never recovered, I learned L. Patrick Gray III was forced to resign as Director of FBI on April 27, after it was revealed that he had destroyed a secret file that had been in the White House safe pertaining to E. Howard Hunt whose wife was paymistress, perhaps entrusted with the $2,000,000; and I studied the spending of Felipe de Diego, a member of the Watergate "plumbers" unit, managed to pay yachting expenses, buy a De Lorean car, join the Playboy Club, buy jewelry and clothing and visit South America. De Diego admitted breaking into the office of antiwar activist Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist under orders from the Nixon White House, spent huge sums for a variety of personal expenses for himself, his friends and family, according to an inspector general's report. Helen Gandy, who perhaps knew the answer, destroyed Hoover's files and died in 1988. Pat Gray perhaps next learned the answer, then burned E. Howard Hunt's files and died in 2005: Six months before the Burglars' paymistress Dorothy Hunt died December 8, 1972, on June 21, 1972, FBI Director Pat Gray met with John Dean and John Ehrlichman in Ehrlichman's office. Gray was handed several envelopes full of documents from the safe of E. Howard Hunt. Dean said to Gray, in the presence of John Ehrlichman, "the documents are national security documents. These should never see the light of day" representing "these are not Watergate-related." Six months later, FBI Director Pat Gray looked at the papers as he burned them in his Connecticut fireplace. Admitting defeat and inability to confirm or deny whether $2,000,000 was stolen from CREEP as Skolnick concluded, this book discloses all the "rabbit trails" which I have followed seeking the answers. The Plumbers is first of a set of three books published as "a work in progress" and as the starting point for my readers to "follow the money." • The Plumbers - Introduction – Nonfiction © 2020 Case No. 1-9185174771 ISBN 978-1-09833-500-7 • The Plumbers – Volume 1 – Nonfiction © 2020 Case No. 1-9185174771 - ISBN 978-1-09833-400-0 • The Plumbers – Volume 2 – Nonfiction © 2020 Case No. 1-9185174771 -ISBN 978-1-09833-401-7
About the author
Bill Stricklin is a Phi Beta Kappa scholar who earned his AB with honors Phi Beta Kappa at University of California, Berkeley. He was elected President of University of California Berkeley's student body and selected as the outstanding cadet of UCB United States Army ROTC program, trained at Fort Lewis and Infantry Officer Training School, Fort Benning; then Cold War spy-craft Counterintelligence cloak-and-dagger training at Fort Holabird, 6 years active and reserve Army, followed by a doctor of laws JD degree at Harvard Law School. Richard Nixon's boyhood pal Dr. Stanley E. McCaffrey, asked Bill to serve as Correspondence Assistant to Vice President Nixon during the final 18 months of the Eisenhower-Nixon Administration. Up to 500 letters arrived daily impossible for Nixon to read them all, much less to answer. Bill's desk adjoined that of Press Secretary Herb Klein in the Old Senate Office Building, across the hall from Senator John Kennedy. Staffs shared a private elevator, traded gossip while both men sought United States Presidency. Bill had a ringside seat to talk with people who came to see the Vice President. Published: • Family Secrets a nonfiction ISBN 978-1-48098-155-3 • A Pregnant Nun a historical novel ISBN 978-1-09830-437-9 • A Hundred Secrets Volume 1 Books 1-20 nonfiction and • A Hundred Secrets Volume 2 Books 21-100 nonfiction anthology disclosing 100 secrets ISBN 978-1-64530-435-7 • S'more Secrets Volume 1 for kids ISBN 978-1-64426-700-4 • S'more Secrets Volume 2 stories to be told in darkness by a campfire to tweens and teens fiction ISBN 798-1-64530-433-3 • S'more Secrets Volume 3 scary stories to be told in darkness to grownups fiction ISBN 798-1-64530-454-0 • Aesop Fables and The Candy Rabbit fiction happy bedtime stories for • kids ISBN 978-1-54399-921-1 • The Prince and I - Miss Olive - historic novel - about an unsolved murder of my nanny Miss Olive Adamsen's former charge ISBN 978-1-64530-432-6 • One Corinthians nonfiction sermon I delivered at St. Clements' Church at 11AM December 11, 1949 ISBN 978-1-54389-951-8 • Senatorial Courtesy – nonfiction life-saving senatorial courtesy by Senator John William Warner III ISBN 978-1-54399-891-7 • Ladies Day – nonfiction account of misogyny at Harvard Law School professors during the 1960s ISBN 978-1-5499-920-4 • A Perfect Crime a historical novel ISBN 978-1-09830-140-8 • Four Score and More –nonfiction autobiography of a long life ISBN 978-1-54399-922-8 • Easter Parade nonfiction COVID-19 ISBN 978-1-09830-945-9 • Ambrose Bierce anthology of Ambrose Bierce's 70 best short stories of his 249 short stories ISBN 978-1-09831-080-6 • George Sterling A Wine of Wizardry anthology of George Sterling's 20 best poems ISBN 978-1-09831-102-5 • The Boss – nonfiction account of my eighteen months service to Vice President Richard M. Nixon ISBN 978-1-09830-750-9 • Epilogue – nonfiction account of crimes of President Richard M. Nixon and his Presidential staff ISBN 978-1-54399-891-7 • White Fox and White Buffalo–Comanche abduction and sale of my maternal grandmother's maternal grandmother and her escape to freedom • Roses among the Thorns—The Founders of The Bohemian Club – nonfiction ISBN 978-1-09831-423-1 • Thistlewood – ©2020 Nonfiction Copyright Case 1-8996340551 ISBN 978-1-09832-390-5 • Crazy – © 2020 Case No. 1-8946543741 Until Stave 31 resuming from Staves 41 through 46 are nonfiction. Staves 31-40 are short stories, historical novels. ISBN 978-1-0983-2399-8 • Alice Blue Gown Nonfiction © 2020 TXu002213928 • The Plumbers © 2020 Nonfiction Dorothy Hunt's Death Aboard United Airlines Flight 553 and Unsolved Mystery whether $2,000,000 was stolen from CREEP and never recovered • The Plumbers - United Airlines Flight 553 - An Unsolved $2,000,000 Mystery – Introduction - Nonfiction © 2020 Case 1-9185174771 - ISBN 978-1-09833-500-7 • The Plumbers – United Airlines Flight 553 - An Unsolved $2,000,000 Mystery - Volume 1 – Nonfiction © 2020 Case No. 1-9185174771 - ISBN 978-1-09833-400-0 • The Plumbers – United Airlines Flight 553 - An Unsolved $2,000,000 Mystery - Volume 2 – Nonfiction © 2020 Case No. 1-9185174771 - ISBN 978-1-09833-401-7

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