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Book details
  • SubGenre:Fairy Tales & Folklore / Anthologies
  • Age Range (years):3 - 5
  • Language:English
  • Pages:198
  • Hardcover ISBN:9781098338619

Twice Upon A Time -

Fairy Tales by Bros Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen

by William A. Stricklin

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About the Book: Once upon a time, at bedtime, my mother, father, and all four grandparents read to me fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen. I have added Colonel Stoopnagle's spoonerisms and a tale of the four little wolves to the stories to be shared with my grandchildren twice upon a time. Part 1: Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm 1. Sleeping Beauty 2. Rapunzel 3. The Drummer 4. Cinderella 5. Hansel and Gretel 6. Cat and Mouse in Partnership 7. The Fox and the Horse 8. The Rose 9. The Frog King or Iron Henry 10. Rumpelstiltskin 11. The Girl Without Hands 12. The Old Man and His Grandson 13. The Sparrow and His Four Children 14. The Boots of Buffalo-Leather 15. Puss in Boots 16. Sharing Joy and Sorrow 17. The Seven Ravens 18. The Fisherman and His Wife 19. Snow-White and Rose-Red 20. Little Red Riding Hood Part 2: Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen 1. The Emperor's New Suit 2. Thumbelina 3. The Ugly Duckling 4. The Little Mermaid 5. The Red Shoes 6. The Princess and the Pea 7. The Nightingale 8. The Tinder-Box 9. The Brave Tin Soldier 10. The Most Incredible Thing 11. The Little Match-Seller 12. The Jumper 13. The Snowdrop 14. Children's Prattle 15. The Loveliest Rose in the World Part 3: Fairy Tales by Colonel Stoopnagle 1. Little Hood Redding Ride 2. Rindercella 3. The Three Little Pigs 4. The Pee Little Thrigs 5. The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig
Sleeping Beauty by the Brothers Grimm In times past there lived a king and queen, who said to each other every day of their lives, "Would that we had a child!" and yet they had none. But it happened once that when the queen was bathing, there came a frog out of the water, and he squatted on the ground, and said to her: "Thy wish shall be fulfilled; before a year has gone by, thou shalt bring a daughter into the world." And as the frog foretold, so it happened; and the queen bore a daughter so beautiful that the king could not contain himself for joy, and he ordained a great feast. Not only did he bid to it his relations, friends, and acquaintances, but also the wise women, that they might be kind and favorable to the child. There were thirteen of them in his kingdom, but as he had only provided twelve golden plates for them to eat from, one of them had to be left out. In came the uninvited thirteenth, burning to revenge herself, and without greeting or respect, she cried with a loud voice: "In the fifteenth year of her age the princess shall prick herself with a spindle and shall fall down dead." When the twelfth came forward, and though she could not do away with the evil prophecy, yet she could soften it, so she said: "The princess shall not die, but fall into a deep sleep for a hundred years." Little Red Riding Hood A fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm Once upon a time there was a sweet little girl. Everyone who saw her liked her, but most of all her grandmother, who did not know what to give the child next. Once she gave her a little cap made of red velvet. Because it suited her so well, and she wanted to wear it all the time, she came to be known as Little Red Riding Hood. One day her mother said to her: "Come Little Red Riding Hood. Here is a piece of cake and a bottle of wine. Take them to your grandmother. The grandmother lived out in the woods, a half hour from the village. When Little Red Riding Hood entered the woods a wolf came up to her. She did not know what a wicked animal he was, and was not afraid of him. "Good day to you, Little Red Riding Hood." - "Thank you, wolf." - "Where are you going so early, Little Red Riding Hood?" - "To grandmother's." Rindercella by Colonel Stoopnagle Once apon a time, in a coreign fountry, there lived a very geautiful birl; her name was Rindercella. Now, Rindercella lived with her mugly other and her two sad bisters. And in this same coreign fountry, there was a very prandsom hince. And this prandsom hince was going to have a bancy fall. And he'd invited people from riles amound, especially the pich reople. Rindercella's mugly other and her two sad blisters went out to buy some drancy fesses to wear to this bancy fall, but Rindercella could not go because all she had to wear were some old rirty dags. Finally, the night of the bancy fall arrived and Rindercella couldn't go. So she just cat down and scried. She was a kitten there a scrien, when all at once there appeard before her, her gairy fodmother. And he touched her with his wagic mand ... and there appeared before her, a cig boach and hix white sorces to take her to the bancy fall. But now she said to Rindercella, "Rindercella, you must be home before nidmight, or I'll purn you into a tumpkin!" The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig This twisted fairy tale features three anthropomorphic wolves who build four houses using different types of materials: bricks, concrete, steel, and flowers. A big bad pig tries to destroy the houses made of bricks, concrete, and steel by huffing and puffing, but fails. The big bad pig finds a way to destroy those houses by using a sledgehammer for the bricks, a pneumatic drill for the concrete, and dynamite for the steel. However, when the pig tries to blow down the flower house, he smells the fragrant flowers, and the pig realizes what he has done. The pig then becomes a good pig, and he and the wolves live happily ever after as friends as the book ends.
About the author
Bill Stricklin is a Phi Beta Kappa scholar who earned his AB with honors Phi Beta Kappa at University of California, Berkeley. He was elected President of University of California Berkeley's student body and trained at Fort Lewis Washington and Infantry Officer Training School, Fort Benning, Georgia; then United States Army Cold War spy-craft Counterintelligence cloak-and-dagger training at Fort Holabird, Maryland, then performed 6 years active and reserve Army, followed by a doctor of laws JD degree at Harvard Law School. He read bedtime stories to his daughters and sons including the fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson which are published in this anthology Twice Upon A Time. His children added half a dozen humorous bedtime stories at the end of the book, spoonerisms written by Colonel Stoopnagle. Other Books William A. Stricklin has Published: • Family Secrets a nonfiction ISBN 978-1-48098-155-3 • A Pregnant Nun a historical novel ISBN 978-1-09830-437-9 • A Hundred Secrets Volume 1 Books 1-20 nonfiction and • A Hundred Secrets Volume 2 Books 21-100 nonfiction anthology disclosing 100 secrets ISBN 978-1-64530-435-7 • S'more Secrets Volume 1 for kids ISBN 978-1-64426-700-4 • S'more Secrets Volume 2 stories to be told in darkness by a campfire to tweens and teens fiction ISBN 798-1-64530-433-3 • S'more Secrets Volume 3 scary stories to be told in darkness to grownups fiction ISBN 798-1-64530-454-0 • Aesop Fables and The Candy Rabbit fiction happy bedtime stories for • kids ISBN 978-1-54399-921-1 • The Prince and I - Miss Olive - historic novel - about an unsolved murder of my nanny Miss Olive Adamsen's former charge ISBN 978-1-64530-432-6 • One Corinthians nonfiction sermon I delivered at St. Clements' Church at 11AM December 11, 1949 ISBN 978-1-54389-951-8 • Senatorial Courtesy – nonfiction life-saving senatorial courtesy by Senator John William Warner III ISBN 978-1-54399-891-7 • Ladies Day – nonfiction account of misogyny at Harvard Law School professors during the 1960s ISBN 978-1-5499-920-4 • A Perfect Crime a historical novel ISBN 978-1-09830-140-8 • Four Score and More –nonfiction autobiography of a long life ISBN 978-1-54399-922-8 • Easter Parade nonfiction COVID-19 ISBN 978-1-09830-945-9 • Ambrose Bierce anthology of Ambrose Bierce's 70 best short stories of his 249 short stories ISBN 978-1-09831-080-6 • George Sterling A Wine of Wizardry anthology of George Sterling's 20 best poems ISBN 978-1-09831-102-5 • The Boss – nonfiction account of my eighteen months service to Vice President Richard M. Nixon ISBN 978-1-09830-750-9 • Epilogue – nonfiction account of crimes of President Richard M. Nixon and his Presidential staff ISBN 978-1-54399-891-7 • White Fox and White Buffalo–Comanche abduction and sale of my maternal grandmother's maternal grandmother and her escape to freedom • Roses among the Thorns—The Founders of The Bohemian Club – nonfiction ISBN 978-1-09831-423-1 • Thistlewood – ©2020 Nonfiction Copyright Case 1-8996340551 ISBN 978-1-09832-390-5 • Crazy – © 2020 Case No. 1-8946543741 Until Stave 31 resuming from Staves 41 through 46 are nonfiction. Staves 31-40 are short stories, historical novels. ISBN 978-1-0983-2399-8 • Alice Blue Gown Nonfiction © 2020 TXu002213928 • The Plumbers © 2020 Nonfiction Dorothy Hunt's Death Aboard United Airlines Flight 553 and Unsolved Mystery whether $2,000,000 was stolen from CREEP and never recovered • The Plumbers - United Airlines Flight 553 - An Unsolved $2,000,000 Mystery – Introduction - Nonfiction © 2020 Case 1-9185174771 - ISBN 978-1-09833-500-7 • The Plumbers – United Airlines Flight 553 - An Unsolved $2,000,000 Mystery - Volume 1 – Nonfiction © 2020 Case No. 1-9185174771 - ISBN 978-1-09833-400-0 • The Plumbers – United Airlines Flight 553 - An Unsolved $2,000,000 Mystery - Volume 2 – Nonfiction © 2020 Case No. 1-9185174771 - ISBN 978-1-09833-401-7

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