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  • Genre:HISTORY
  • SubGenre:Indigenous Peoples of the Americas
  • Language:English
  • Pages:796
  • Hardcover ISBN:9781667808642

Family Secrets 3rd Edition 2021

by William A. Stricklin

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ABOUT THE BOOK Family Secrets Third Edition 2021 discloses darkest secrets over a thousand years. The nonfiction book evidences that my family may be firmly founded on the five strong pillars of murder, betrayal, greed, lust and incest and has far more than its fair share of family secrets. Research over half a century has created nonfiction books not to put down: a pregnant nun; the secret library in the Strickland manor where Catherine Parr, Queen of England (Henry VIII's sixth wife) locked prohibited books away from the castle in order to keep her head from being chopped off; regicide of a boy king by his stepmother; a hunting trip in which my distant forebear puts a hunting javelin between the shoulder blades of his best friend… then hastily marries the best friend's gorgeous wife fourteen days later; a ménage during a coronation dinner including a new bride and new mother-in-law; abduction of my two-day-old maternal great-great-grandmother during a Comanche raid and saga of her escape from slavery; and the murder trial of Katie Stricklin who used arsenic to poison her family.You will also discover a pregnant nun whom one of my forebears persuaded he had no involvement in her "immaculate conception" but she can move into his home at Sevenoaks when the criticism of the Abbess became unbearable for the Sister, neglecting to mention he was already married with a toddler to babysit while living there. Eadgar invited his best friend to join him for a day of hunting, resulting in a hunting accident with Eadgar's steel javelin thrust between his friend's shoulder blades. Fourteen days later Eadgar married his best friend's gorgeous wife. readers may wish to communicate their most favorite terms for Eadgar. So far readers have contributed scoundrel, villain, criminal, louse, despicable man, miserable creature, offensive lawbreaker, outlaw, rogue, beast, unprincipled man, villain, scoundrel, dishonest creep, unscrupulous person, and a disreputable rascal.
''Follow me,'' grandmother Dollie cheerfully commanded as we left a 1948 Key System train antedating BART at San Francisco Civic Center. Promising to share her secret, Dollie led the two of us into #3182 of 50 United Nations Plaza, a perfectly round, conference room from which the Five Star Admiral of the Fleet Chester W. Nimitz ran and won World War II in the Pacific. From January 1948 until his death in 1965, Admiral Nimitz called Nimitz Suite #3182 at 50 United Nations Plaza "home." My daily office today is another couple of hundred feet down the hall; and before I leave to the theater, I have the delight of using his private shower. Nimitz's presence remains evident. There is a drawer in the closet marked for his Five-Star Flag. The suite has a perfectly round meeting room with an operable fireplace and shaped entry doors, his personal office adjoining his meeting room, his dressing room, bathroom, vault for classified documents, and offices for staff. Standing me beside one wall of the room, my grandmother hurried to the diagonally opposite wall. Dollie turned to the wall, talking in her kindly quiet voice: Imagine hearing the secrets told here for thousands of years. My face lit up; I heard every word. As if Dollie were beside me, she said, "There can be no secrets here. This room is about to disclose to you our family secrets from me." That was my first experience with "Whispering Gallery Effect." If sound waves, especially the higher frequencies of a woman or any sibilant whisper, glance shallowly off a curved surface, the waves all will bounce across arcs of the surface up to two hundred feet. "Whispering Gallery Effect" occurs not only at Admiral Nimitz's World War II San Francisco office, in which I am writing today, but at St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, St. Paul's Cathedral in London, a curved wall outside the Temple of Heaven in Peking, and inside the rotundas of state capitols across the United States of America. Now imagine "Whispering Gallery Effect" is letting you eavesdrop on the most shameful, atrocious, delicious of Family Secrets while this volume is whispering its 12,000 years of family secrets. Enjoy! Catherine's Secret? how she kept her head from being chopped off: Henry VIIIs Sixth wife, Queen of England Catherine Parr's locked secret Library of banned books assembled during fourteen months as both an orphan and a widow as the houseguest of Dowager Lady Strickland, Katherine Neville (1533 - 1534CE) at Sizergh Castle. Catherine was Inquisition's key target. Catherine changed the locks on her library and on cases of banned books she quickly moved back to Stricklands' manor, thus saving her own life. Stave 12 The Banned Books of Queen of England: Catherine Parr: Catherine's Secret Library in Strickland Manor Historical Novel & Stave 12 Anne's Secret The sacrifice of Anne Ayscough is the saga of Anne Ayscough born 1521CE faithful to Catherine Parr and consequently burned at the stake as a heretic on July 16, 1546CE. Catherine's Secret is but one of many disclosed in Family Secrets. I must acknowledge that my research evidences my family may be firmly founded on the five strong pillars of murder, betrayal, greed, lust and incest and has far more than its fair share of family secrets. The Frontispiece depicts the secret library in the Strickland manor where Catherine Parr, Queen of England locked prohibited books in order to keep her head from being chopped off. Stave 1 Vikings' Secret leads to Stave 2 Elizabeth d'Eyncourt's Secrets of Sizergh Castle built by Vikings that became the seat of the writer's extended family over a thousand years. The family arrived in England as part of the Norman Conquest, and received granted land in Cumbria. Sizergh Castle came into their hands through marriage. Thomas de Strickland (Sir) DOB abt 1367 DOD July 30, 1455 spent his life attending to his Parliamentary duties and in his country's wars. Thomas de Strickland first came to prominence during the Battle of Agincourt.
About the author
ABOUT THE WRITER Bill Stricklin is a Phi Beta Kappa scholar who earned his AB with honors at the University of California, Berkeley, followed by a doctor of laws JD degree at Harvard Law School and cloak-and-dagger training at Fort Holabird US Army Counterintelligence School learning Cold War spy-craft. Recuperating from his bicycle accident the summer of 1948 on maternal grandmother Dollie Fleming's screen porch led to her disclosure she hid under the floorboards of her childhood home while her mother was scalped then killed in "DeKalb Indian Raid of June 9, 1900". This triggered seventy years of researching Family Secrets. Enjoy the book!

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