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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:War & Military
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Dogs of Warr
  • Series Number:3
  • Pages:444
  • eBook ISBN:9798350902259
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350902242

Dogs of Warr III

Chasing the Ghost

by TR Gabriel View author's profile page

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The unthinkable has happened. The Devil's Ghost has managed to divulge the whereabouts of The Kennel, mounting an attack resulting in numerous casualties and untold destruction. The blow dealt to the team is debilitating with critical injuries to key personnel and major damage to the facility. Dark times ensue as the Dogs are forced to lay low and lick their wounds. Roaring back into action, The Dogs of Warr are itching for payback. Their newest resident genius giving them their best chance of striking back at their hated nemesis. However, given the reputation of their foe it may still be a guess, and chasing the wind. Only time will tell if the mission to retaliate is successful.
Colonel Warr and his team start on the Dark Continent lying in wait to eradicate a growing group of Islamic fundamentalists. The radicals are bent on spreading Sharia law, committing atrocities, moving to create an Islamic state over the entire continent of Africa, and establishing bases to launch numerous terror attacks on the rest of the world. The Dogs have inserted under the radar to eliminate the Islamic leadership. They lie in wait for the meet between warlords who are governing the provincial provinces of the new Islamic state to take them out. Back in the United States, the Devil's Ghost, (Colonel Gregor Nikolanovic) is five months into a Las Vegas area operation when his team finally breaks through the main tunnel that leads to The Kennel. The Ghost and his crew anxiously await there for the return of his hated nemesis. Brain is able to use a set of code words to alert Warr she is under duress, and he gives her a coded response to keep her head down when they arrive. An epic battle ensues inside the Kennel, Brain is shot in the back by the Ghost while Susan also catches a stray bullet in the pandemonium. Both women are medevaced to a trauma center in critical condition. Warr goes to the Vault at the Pentagon to debrief the attack, demanding the JCS and the CIA to find the Ghost so they can act against him. When the acting CIA Director says something snarky, Warr puts the fear of God into him. A seasoned spook, he regrets his actions although he'd never let anyone know that. When Warr is called back to Washington for an updated briefing on what intel assets have found regarding Ghost's location, he meets the interim lead scientist for The Kennel. He had been sitting in the back corner of the tiny room, Warr wondering how he missed him. When he is introduced, he is both surprised and underwhelmed to say the least. Daniel Highsmith (Kid) is a seventeen-year-old boy originally from Roswell, NM. He spoke full sentences before he could walk, read chapter books before he was potty-trained, started high school classes by his ninth birthday, and entered college before growing facial hair. Daniel is introduced back at Kennel where everyone else has same stunned reaction until they see him in action. Staring blankly at a readout that has been reattached to the UFO after the attack, Kid sees something. He walks over to the desktop computer, punches in a few lines of code, and lights on the UFO start blinking. These are lights that have never lit up before. The Dogs realize the retaliation mission they plan will have to be ultra-covert, off the books again just like their mission to Central America to take out Javier Escobar. There is no way they'd get green lighted to do an op in Russia as tensions remain high between the two countries. The Dogs mount their assault on the Hell Hole. They're able to infiltrate the facility relatively easily as the Ghost and most of his mercenaries are elsewhere. The team captures the Ghost's hacker who goes down without a fight, then demolish the place with an EEC laced explosion that scares the Russian government, who thinks they just had another nuclear meltdown. Ghost realizes he's been tricked when he gets a call from his hacker but with Warr getting on the line. The Devil's Ghost is beside himself with rage realizing he's been duped and on the wrong end of the country. A short while later, Gregor is in a small pub in Casablanca spending a few moments out in town when he receives an email on his phone from an address he didn't ever expect to hear from again. Smiling, he realizes his old cyber-operative comrade didn't perish in the blast that took out the Hell Hole. He vows that after he gets his man back, they will mass his remaining forces to unleash hell on Warr and his team, taking them out for good this time.
About the author
TR grew up in a small town in west central Wisconsin. One of those small towns that if you blink when passing through, you'll miss it. But it was a life experience he wouldn't trade for the world. Watching the aircraft from nearby Ft. McCoy fly overhead got him interested in both the military and aviation. In his 20 years of active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps he served as an aircraft ground support equipment technician, a Communications Officer, and a CH-53E Helicopter Pilot. He is currently at his "dream job" working in the aviation field with a major logistics company in his newly adopted hometown of Louisville, KY. TR's start in writing began when he mentioned to his wife he'd always wanted to write a book and she told him, "go for it!" The subsequent journey has been one of hard work, a steep learning curve, and the realization of a passion for writing. The first incarnation of the Dogs of Warr were comic book characters drawn into a sketchbook in 1986. The debut novel was a way to bring those characters to life, giving them depth and dimension. While only a 'part time' author, it's become a passion for TR and the ideas keep flowing, eventually winding up on paper. He hopes that others enjoy the ride that he's taking his characters on!!