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TR grew up in a small town in west central Wisconsin. One of those small towns that if you blink when passing through, you'll miss it. But it was a life experience he wouldn't trade for the world. Watching the aircraft from nearby Ft. McCoy fly overhead got him interested in both the military and aviation. 

After graduating from the University of Minnesota he reported to MCRD San Diego, CA to start his 20 year active duty military career in the U.S. Marine Corps. TR served as an aircraft ground support equipment technician, a Communications Officer, and a CH-53E Helicopter Pilot in that time.

After retiring from the military he has held several positions within and outside the government sector. He is currently at his "dream job" working in aviation with a major logistics company in his newly adopted hometown of Louisville, KY.

TR and his wife enjoy riding motorcycle, watching football, binge watching good TV shows, and attending concerts. They also enjoy spending time with family whenever possiblke.

TR's start in writing began when he mentioned to his wife he'd always wanted to write a book and she told him, "go for it!" The subsequent journey has been one of enlightenment, hard work, and the realization of a desire and passion for writing.

The first incarnation of the Dogs of Warr were comic book characters drawn into a sketchbook in 1987. The first novel was a way to bring those characters to life, giving them depth and dimension. TR has also brought some other characters he drew to life in another novella that he's developing into a series.

While only a 'part time' author, it's become a passion for TR and the ideas keep flowing, eventually winding up on paper. He hopes that others enjoy the ride that he's taking his characters on!! 


It's coming!!! 

The next adventure of Colonel Warr and the Dogs is one step closer to being complete.

Dogs of Warr III: Chasing the Ghost has been assessed and additional edits have been made. I'm feeling very good about this installment hoping it start to turn the tide and get some traction to get the word out about the Dogs.

When it comes out, it will be available in print from the BookShop and in e-book form at most major ebook retailers!

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