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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:War & Military
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Dogs of Warr
  • Series Number:2
  • Pages:396
  • eBook ISBN:9781098371623

Dogs of Warr II: By Executive Request

by TR Gabriel View author's profile page

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A growing crisis in the United States has reached all the way to the Oval Office where a personal tragedy has left both the President and the First Lady grieving. Desperate times call for desperate measures with President Buchannan asking the Dogs of Warr for a response even more covert than usual. Colonel Warr leads the team south of the border on their first ever all volunteer basis mission. Their clandestine trip below the equator divulges a devilish surprise but an unfortunate event shortens the excursion, leaving the team one Dog down. New faces arrive at the Kennel giving the second mission attempt a greater chance for the desired outcome. This time, if the stars align, mission success could result in a twofold victory!
The President's son has died from an overdose of Rockettrip, a new designer drug consisting of a combination of cocaine, heroin and LSD. It's called Rockettrip because it gets the user so high, so fast, it's said to be like taking off on a rocket. The First Lady is naturally, terribly upset, wanting the President to do something about the death of their son. An evening walk in the South Lawn by the President and his personal Secret Service agent bears fruit as the agent plants the seed for a non-sanctioned operation against the cartel. This drug not only killed the President's son but the Secret Service Agent's nephew as well. We meet Javier Escobar, the nephew of Pablo Escobar, cartel leader in his own right and drug czar in Central America. He was educated in the United States earning a master's degrees in chemical engineering and a minor in Psychology. Javier used these degrees to create the potent new narcotic, Rockettrip. The drug lord also learns through some of his back channels that the President of the United States is after him. While confident in the security of his drug factory because of his people and its remote location, he decides he needs to get himself a premier security consultant, just to be sure. The Dogs of Warr have embarked upon their mission to destroy a drug factory in Central America. During this operation new team member Mushy sees former Spetsnaz Colonel Gregor Nikolanovic, the infamous Devil's Ghost, who is being courted as a security consultant for the Escobar cartel. She makes a move to eliminate the Ghost, but this exposes Sandman, resulting in him being injured badly. The mission is unsuccessful with a great personal cost to the team. While Sandman is recuperating another new face, Wild Card, arrives at the Kennel. He knows he must prove himself to the team because he is the unknown commodity. With Mushy and Wild Card now amongst their ranks the team makes its way back down to the drug factory to mount an assault once again on the facility. Will the second mission be successful? Will the covert status be uncovered, and if so, at what cost to the President? Will Rockettrip continue to poison the streets of America?
About the author
TR Gabriel grew up in west central Wisconsin watching aircraft from nearby Ft. McCoy fly overhead. This was the impetus of his interest in both the military and aviation. After graduating from the University of Minnesota he reported to MCRD San Diego CA to start his military career in the U.S. Marine Corps. Twenty years of active duty had him serving as an aircraft ground support equipment technician, Communications Officer, and CH-53E Helicopter Pilot. TR served most of his time on the west coast with numerous overseas deployments. Upon retiring from the military, he took a military contractor position primarily supporting the CH-53K program. TR also did a small stint as the Business Manager for a small family-owned military contracting business in Lexington Park, MD, Process Improvement at the University of Louisville Hospital, Army Recruiting at Fort Knox, and is currently an aviation instructor for a large logistics company in Louisville, KY. He and his wife enjoy riding motorcycle, watching football, binge watching TV shows, and attending concerts. They also enjoy spending time with family and friends whenever the opportunity arises. TR's start in writing began when, in a discussion with his wife about 'bucket list' items, he mentioned he'd wanted to write a book someday. At his wife's strong suggestion to "go for it!" he did, which keeps in line with their 'no regrets' policy. The subsequent journey has been one of enlightenment, hard work, and the realization of a desire and passion for writing. TR initially created the characters for Dogs of Warr in 1986. The first incarnation being comic book characters drawn in a sketchbook. The first novel, in a planned series of five, was a way to bring those characters to life, giving them depth and dimension. TR has also brought some of his other drawn characters to life. Skull & Crossbownes appear in their debut novella, Chronicles of Skull & Crossbownes: The Atlantis File, with the intent of developing that into a series as well. While only a 'part time' author, it's become a 'full-time' passion for TR and the ideas keep flowing, eventually winding up on 'paper'. He sincerely hopes others will hop on to enjoy the ride he's taking his characters on!!
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