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  • SubGenre:Spiritualism
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Unshakable Happiness Trilogy
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:100
  • Hardcover ISBN:9781098374624

View from Within

Spiritual Pathways To Happiness

by Donna Martire Miller and Joseph A. Bologna

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A spiritual renaissance is emerging. People are paying greater attention to what brings about more happiness, and what helps us to be more forgiving and kind. Our spiritual beliefs and practices, although varied, become universal in our desire to live in a beneficent hopeful world. Many theologists are pointing to this time in our history as an opportunity to rise to higher states of being. Musings of love, compassion, joy, optimism, awe, and gratitude are the voices of the ancient wisdom keepers that are arising from the depths of our own longings.

How do we find sustainable happiness? What does it mean to access the divine? How can we discover the meaning and purpose for our life?

Spirituality is not necessarily religiosity. However, the tenets of religion and spirituality are varied and each offers an elevating pathway to wellbeing and happiness. Some of the emotions expressed on this pathway include: gratitude, kindness, compassion, love, zest and connection.

There are unbreakable ties that bind each of us on our spiritual journey. No matter your faith, your creed, or your beliefs, there is much to learn from one another, and more that draws us together than sets us apart. When we find those connections, when we tap into the collective divine, the quest for happiness becomes not just a process of seeking, but the journey home.

This gorgeous photo book is a journey. Follow us around the world, through the dazzling sights, insights, and teachings of over twenty different religious practices. Immerse yourself in the images of beauty found in the world around us. What surrounds us in the physical realm, and what holds us close in the spiritual can be appreciated when we see from the view from within.

Finally, settle your soul into the truths that tie us all together. Truths such as the power of forgiveness, the value of silence, the universal need of belonging… and so much more.

Let yourself be carried away, and carried home, with The View from Within: Spiritual Pathways to Happiness

This book is ideal for anyone. The reader will enjoy meta blessings from each wisdom tradition highlighted. Do you see yourself in one of these categories?

Happiness Seekers: Love and connection in relationship to ourselves and others creates a flourishing life. Further, spiritual concepts are known to give vitality to relationships, fulfilling a need for humankind. Address feelings of loneliness and forgiveness as you learn pathways to unshakeable happiness.

Spirituality Seekers: We embrace the wisdom of all traditions as loving and kind. This book is for the seeker in all of us, and serves as an introduction to how our varied and subjective experiences can illuminate a sacred dimension present in our lives.

Integrative Medicine Practitioners and Patients: When confronted with adversity, pain, and suffering, one can turn to the spiritual tenets of optimism, hope, faith, and love to find resilience. A spiritual practice can ease suffering and help with life’s transitions. This book is an excellent companion to integrative medicine treatment.

Self-Help Readers: Self-help books often offer practices that can be fleeting. Conversely, this book is for those seeking long-term solutions through spiritual edification.

The Travel Photography Enthusiast: This book takes the reader on a dramatic, majestic and poetic photographic journey of sacred places that express spirituality within the wisdom traditions around the world. This book will embrace the sense of sight, and stir the soul.

About the author
Donna Martire Miller, www.HappilyEverActions.com a Connecticut-based business that caters to the whole person. The skills taught are universal. The mission is to enable people to engage in and live a life worth living. "Happily, Ever Actions" is a business that applies cutting-edge research in positive psychology creating concrete tools that will increase your happiness and wellbeing in all areas of life. Donna holds a master's degree in Counseling and Organizational Human Resource Development. She is a graduate of the Positive Psychology Program (the Science of Happiness) at Kripalu/ Wholebeing Institute and has worked as a teacher's assistant to WBI and Tal Ben Shahar, the renowned Harvard Professor, and author. She is also post master's certified in Positive Psychology Coaching and Teaching for Transformation, Mindfulness, and Strength-based practices, as well as certification in Women's Wellness and Meditation. Donna has an adjunct professorship where she teaches Wellness, Perspectives of Happiness, and other Human Services-related courses. Donna held The Executive Director position for 30 years at HELP FOR KIDS a positive parenting, family system-strengthening Center where she recently received a lifetime achievement award for strengthening over 10,000 families. She claims most of her knowledge in parenting from raising her 5 kids and 7 grandchildren! She is an international keynote speaker, trainer, and workshop presenter. She is an expert in positive parenting education but will be the first to tell you that everything she has learned was from her wonderful children and grandchildren! She is a happiness, well-being life coach. Donna finds joy in singing rhythm and blues and teaching let your yoga dance! She is a published author, included in "Transformation 2020, A ladies Power Lunch Anthology" which has reached bestseller status on Amazon. Currently her book "The View From Within- Spiritual Pathways to Unshakeable Happiness" is available for order from the website www.happilyeveractions.com. which is the first in a trilogy on sustainable happiness. She is collaborating and authoring the next two books in the trilogy with her team of professionals working together towards Unshakeable happiness, by applying science-based Happily Ever Actions ™

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