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  • SubGenre:Mind & Body
  • Language:English
  • Series title:The Unshakable Happiness Trilogy
  • Series Number:2
  • Pages:372
  • eBook ISBN:9781098395636

Finding Unshakable Happiness

by Donna Martire Miller , Hanna Perlberger, Shawn Fink, Sue Knight Deutsch, Jane S. Anderson, Alice Dommert, Christine E. Agaibi, Susan Neustrom, Ed.D, Dawn Stidd, James Dipisa, Lisa Bailey Sullivan, Phoebe Atkinson, Nancy Polsky, Erin Crosby, Slava Madorsky, Christine R. Donnolo, Joanne Travers, Cate Conti, Megha Nancy Buttenhiem, Natalie Hoerner, Andrea Cashman, Lori Tuominen, Amy Rogers, Linda Jackson, Wendy McLean and Dr. Samantha Eagle, ND

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Finding Unshakable Happiness is a collection of 25 essays exploring the art and science behind creating your own happiness. The reader is invited to explore the definition of happiness, and will begin to understand that they hold the power to: Increase positive emotions, live with intention, engage meaningfully in their lives, and foster resilience. Your soul is calling out. How will you answer? .


What is happiness? And how can we choose it, even in the face of great challenge or conflict?

In this wide-ranging and insightful collection of essays, 25 experts in the happiness field explore what it is to find, to create, to see, to be… happiness!

Starting with the science of happiness itself, readers are taken on a journey of exploration and insight. Along the way you will delve into exploring:

  • What is happiness?
  • How to increase positive emotions

  • The art of living with intention

  • The process of truly engaging in life

  • Living with full hearted love and resilience

The world can feel a truly challenging place, especially in light of current events such as climate change, COVID, violence in the streets, wild politics, personal struggle only you can understand, and so much more. However, if we know anything from studying the science of happiness, it isn’t so much about what happens around you, it is how you ultimately choose to respond.

You have the keys to happiness within you. ​​Quietly listen, you will hear the whispers of your soul gently calling you to your best life, a life filled with unshakable happiness. “You hold the power to be the Change.” It starts within you, and it starts now with Unshakeable Happiness. Pick up your copy today.


Megan McDonough
Hanna Perlberger
Shawn Fink
Sue Knight Deutsch
Jane S. Anderson
Alice Dommert
Christine E. Agaibi
Susan Neustrom, Ed.D
Dawn Stidd
James Dipisa
Lisa Bailey Sullivan
Phoebe Atkinson
Nancy Polsky
Erin Crosby
Slava Madorsky
Christine R. Donnolo
Joanne Travers
Cate Conti
Megha Nancy Buttenhiem
Natalie Hoerner
Andrea Cashman
Lori Tuominen
Amy Rogers
Linda Jackson
Wendy McLean
Dr. Samantha Eagle, ND

About the author
Donna Martire Miller M.S. CIPP is devoted to teaching, writing, and speaking on subjects that increase happiness and make life worth living! Her career has been devoted to facilitating educational growth in both traditional and non-traditional settings. She holds a Master's degree in Counseling and human resource development. Donna is certified in Positive Psychology from Kripalu with Wholebeing Institute, where she then became a teacher's assistant under the Harvard Professor Tal Ben Shahar. She is also certified in Positive Psychology Coaching, Teaching for Transformation, Mindfulness, and Strength-based practices through UPenn, VIA, and Wholebeing Institutes. She has additional certification in Women's Wellness and Meditation from Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and UCLA. Donna trained with Kripalu Faculty Megha Nancy Buttenhiem graduated from "Let Your Yoga Dance" as an instructor. This art form connects the tenants of positive psychology in mind /bodywork, moving through the energy centers. Donna has an adjunct professorship at the University of Bridgeport where she teaches Wellness and Happiness. She is an international Key Note speaker, trainer, and presenter at National Conferences. Donna developed and held The Executive Director position for 30 years at HELP FOR KIDS a positive parenting, family-strengthening Center in Southern Connecticut. As the executive director of a nationally affiliated social services agency, she has worked with large private and public organizations in developing practices and strategies to support more successful interventions that focus on the organization's strengths. She has worked with people of all ages and cultures to optimize their health and well–being, to thrive, and to become sustainably happier. Founder of Happily Ever Actions ™ she along with her team of happiness professionals provides people with actionable strategies, thought-provoking insights, and evidence-based tools toward optimal living. She considers her greatest accomplishment to be motherhood and enjoys spending time with her adult children and grandchildren. When Donna is not co-writing and authoring her books on Happily Ever Actions, she can be found teaching meditation, let your yoga dance, or singing with a blues band!