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  • SubGenre:School & Education
  • Age Range (years):3 - 5
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Scrap University Kids Recycling Series
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:36
  • Hardcover ISBN:9798986257600

The Girl Who Recycled 1 Million Cans

by Shaziya M. Jaffer , Brad W. Rudover and Jessica Alexanderson

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Hey, did you know that the USA recycles only 45% of cans, even though they're 100% recyclable? Let's turn that number around by teaching kids how they can make a difference!

Meet Ellie, the unicorn-loving, can-recycling superstar who's on a mission to save the planet. When she discovers that she can get money for recycling cans, she sets her sights on collecting one million of them to buy her very own unicorn. But she can't do it alone, so she enlists the help of her friends and the entire school to join in her crusade. Will they succeed? You'll have to read the book to find out!

Snap a picture of yourself recycling cans, and we'll send you a sticker or magnet as a thank you for helping save the planet, one can at a time! Email photos to: Jess@ScrapUniversity.com 


Watch a video about our book here: ♻️🥫🦄🍿📽️


The Girl Who Recycled 1 Million Cans - YouTube

Earth Day Video with Shaziya and Jess from Scrap U kids 🌎🤗♻️



Join Ellie and her friends on an adventure to collect a million cans. Along the way, they learn that all metal can be recycled, and they soon discover that teamwork and the willingness to share and adapt can help them achieve their goals. This is the perfect book for your child to learn about recycling, math, community, financial literacy, perseverance, sharing, teamwork, and donating.

Meet Ellie, a can-recycling superstar who’s on a mission to save the planet—and maybe buy her very own unicorn! As Ellie gathers her friends to help, young readers will discover how they can help too, one can at a time. They’ll learn fun facts about recycling, earning and saving money, and teaming up to achieve big goals. Can children make a difference? Yes they can!

Check out our 1st book review! 

"One of the newest children’s books on BookBaby Bookshop, The Girl Who Recycled 1 Million Cans, is one that should be included on every family and classroom bookshelf. This valuable story introduces early readers to Ellie, a little girl who wants to protect the environment by recycling metal cans. She embarks on an adventure with her friends that teaches them that all metal can be recycled, and teamwork and collaboration can help them achieve their goals.

When I see books like this, I am reminded how valuable children’s books are. I wish that this book existed when I was a child. Teaching lessons about environmentalism at an early age is so crucial, and children’s fiction is the best way to help kids understand these concepts. We’re living in an era where action is needed to preserve our planet’s natural beauty and resources. Environmental protection is a complex and existential topic, and it certainly is no easy task to explain the gravity of it to children.

Although it isn’t easy, it is essential. Because of that, I’m so grateful that books like this exist. Kids need to learn at an early age the importance of recycling and protecting the planet so that future generations can enjoy Earth’s abundance.

Beyond its sustainability education, the book teaches lessons about teamwork, math, community, financial literacy, perseverance, sharing, and charity. This book really stands out because it’s hard to write a fictional story that is so practical. Think about it this way – a story that has unicorns also teaches concepts that apply to daily life. It’s the perfect combination of imaginative and pragmatic.

In addition to its valuable content, the book is vibrantly illustrated and written in a way that children could easily understand. You can get your copy on BookBaby Bookshop and also learn more about the book by visiting Scrap University Kids." 

- Joe Yamulla at Bookbaby Bookshop

About the author

Recycling is like Magic, formerly Scrap University Kids, is a dedicated team of three aiming to improve the planet for future generations. Shaziya M. Jaffer, an elementary teacher with 15 years of experience, emphasizes early education on sustainability. Brad Rudover, with over 40 years in metal recycling, is an expert in the field. Jessica Alexanderson, aka Scuba Jess, a scuba diver from Seattle, advocates for ocean conservation and waste impact awareness.

Recycling is like Magic aims to eliminate metal from landfills in 30 years. They teach kids the value of recycling metals, which can even earn them money. Instead of throwing away old wires, USB chargers, holiday lights, tin foil, or cans, they encourage taking them to local scrap yards. They make metal recycling fun and easy for kids while promoting sustainability. Their mission is to inspire the next generation to care for the environment.

Thanks to their efforts, readers have now recycled over 1.3 million cans after reading The Girl Who Recycled 1 Million Cans. Visit RecyclingislikeMagic.com for free coloring pages, recycling tips, and worksheets to get kids involved. Together, we can save our planet, one can at a time!

Book Reviews

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Educating Children Through Engaging Storytelling It is an amazing book that educates kids about the important of metal recycling, which isn't that well known. I gave it to my nieces to read, and they loved following along Ellie's journey. Now every time they see a metal can, they point it out! Must have if you want a book that's educational yet still looks appealing to children. Read more
A powerful story to learn about metal recycling This is an amazing story as it resonates deeply, reminding us of the impact of our individual choices on the world we share. As I followed Ellie's adventures, I found myself inspired to take action in my community, making this book not just a captivating read, but a personal call to embrace sustainability and make a difference. Read more
Fun and Educational For Children! This is a great story that weaves metal recycling with an engaging storyline! Its blend of information and makes this book a must-read for children and adults who wish to learn about sustainability in an enjoyable way! Read more
From Cans to Dreams: One Girl's Million-Can Mission Turned to Reality It is such a great story with a strong mission to turn the little ones into agents of action! My host family's kids loved the book (especially the unicorn in the front) and like others have been collecting cans to help Ellie in her journey. This a must-have to teach kids about teamwork, community and recycling. Read more
Ellie is the best! Ellie is an INSPIRATION to my kid! The book has taught valuable lessons to my kid about the importance of recycling. Read more
Great Book for Children! I love that this book teaches about the benefits of recycling and how you can earn money to buy things you want from it! Great visuals and story! Read more
I love Ellie! My 6 year old daughter LOVED this book. She was fascinated with collecting cans and returning for money. After reading the book, she can spot aluminum cans left on the ground and quickly points out, picks up and returns these items to the recycling system. We may have a future professional recycler on our hands! Read more
The Girl Wh Recycled 1 Million Cans What a wonderful book!! Our 4th grade Green Team members read this book to all the K-4 grade classrooms in our building. It was a complete hit! It kept students engaged with facts and beautiful illustrations. Read more
Recycling is no myth This is a wonderful book that combines education with child like imagination. Better education will help us achieve a world of recycling, and who knows maybe even unicorns. Read more
Imaginative and informative children’s book about how to help the environment I really enjoyed this children’s book about how to help the environment by recycling metal. I think this would make a great read for any child and their classroom. I plan to give one to every kiddo and teacher in my life this holiday season. Helping our environment really starts when we’re young and if I can influence some youth to take more care it’s the least I can do for Mother Earth. Also, love the Pearl Jam references! Read more
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