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  • SubGenre:Business Ethics
  • Language:English
  • Pages:114
  • eBook ISBN:9798986257617
  • Hardcover ISBN:9798986257624

Walk Good Business

Value and Profit in Perfect Balance

by Brad W. Rudover

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Businesses have the choice between profitability and customer value, those that can maintain balance will last forever. Walk Good Business explores the various methods to provide more value while earning substantial profitability. This is all accomplished by solving problems for the customer by providing the highest quality product and/or service.
Walk Good Business is a shot across the bow of profitability maximization. These two words are taught at business schools around the world. These two words are also thought about, spoken, and acted upon in just about every business, regardless of its product and/or service offering. These two words are about as un-revolutionary as they come and as dangerous as it gets. What is revolutionary is eliminating this misguided, too-long-entrenched ideology and focusing on balance. Balancing value to the customer and profitability to the business.
About the author

Brad W. Rudover was born into a family recycling business and spent much of his childhood in or around a scrap yard. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Small Business Management from Ferris State University and a Master of Business Administration from Western Washington University. With his combination of formal and informal education (lessons from an entrepreneur Father, management positions in small businesses and large corporations, along with several entrepreneurial ventures of his own), Brad has a deep understanding of business. Despite this accumulation of traditional business training, Brad conducts business with gratitude and generosity.

Book Review

"Walk Good Business is a revolutionary book that will help you bring balance into your business, regardless of the industry. The author, Brad W. Rudover, does an extraordinary job sharing his impactful and game-changing insight in an approachable manner. His book is thought-provoking, effective, timely, and shares a must-read message for all business leaders and entrepreneurs.

This unique book provides an immense amount of value as it intertwines deeply human concepts with business practices. Rudover emphasizes a method of doing business that feels good by “caring about each party involved in a transaction”. Caring about people is not your classic point of emphasis in business. But this book shows that it should be, and by valuing people and giving them respect, numerous doors open. The author shares powerful information to help readers develop genuine relationships that help separate themselves from the competition.

With that, I found Walk Good Business to not only be informative, but incredibly refreshing. “Un-teaching Greed”, as Rudover puts it, is not easy – but it can be done. His concepts will help businesses evolve to focus on morals, ethics, and honesty to achieve balance. Putting this into practice changes industries and frankly, changes the world. After reading this book, you will always remember to start from a place of passion in business. Where there is passion, there will be success and value.

Business values and life values don’t have to be entirely separate. In fact, after reading this book, I came to realize that there is a profound interconnection between life and business. Opening your mind to the concepts in Walk Good Business will change the way you think about work and the world you live in. You’ll learn to embrace adversity and obstacles while evaluating your self-worth and relationship with money. This book is a true triumph that challenges traditional business narratives and sets you up for long lasting, meaningful success."

Published by Joe Yamulla
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