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  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Personal Growth / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:240
  • eBook ISBN:9781476072555

Don't Think of a Blue Ball

by Malti Bhojwani

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Don't Think of a Blue Ball is as light or as deep as you want it to be, depending on how Plugged In you are while reading it. It aims to give you all you need to truly live the life you want and be joyful as you pursue your dreams and desires. Plug In and do the effective, tried-and-tested, exercises derived from Malti Bhojwanit's extensive study and hours of coaching her clients. Malti is currently the No1, Top Ranking Life Coach internationally. This book includes scientific explanations where needed, wisdom from timeless philosophers and authors, teachings from the scriptures together with the author's own personal poignant experiences to beautifully illustrate how you too can live a life you desire instead of one of default.
For the first time, an easy to read book that entwines humor, simple analogies and a firm voice in twelve chapters to show you how to make lasting changes in all areas of your life by making empowering decisions that will instantly help you experience joyous living. You will not only learn how to take action towards your desired life by following steps like in many other self-help books, but also how to change the way you talk to yourself, enabling you to feel, walk and dream in a state that will magnesite everything you desire even while you sleep. Don't Think of o Blue Ball will help you become aware of who you are being twenty-four hours a day and how to create a successful life by being a manifesting body that radiates joy and gratitude. It's fickle in the best of ways; only to imply that this book has chameleon content and can as such be whatever you want it to be. In fact, Malti herself puts it best at the very beginning of the book when she says, "Don't Think of a Blue Ball can be as deep or as light as you want it to be." Though this may be enough motivation for you to go out and grab yourself a copy, allow me to paint a clearer picture. This is a self-help book in many ways--no question about that. But Malti has definitely given the genre a fresh perspective, at least with respect to linguistic style. If you've been a regular reader of her articles, you already know of this life-coach's uncanny ability to simplify complex theories and illustrate their application in real life. This book is much the same in all its unprocessed, what-you-see-is-what-you-get language. The book has a good flow, which is remarkable considering the plethora of topics that Malti speaks about in here. The topics she covers have been spoken about before--in literary works such as 2006's best-seller The Secret--but she tackles it in a manner I thought was especially riveting due to a strong sense of personality that comes through. As she gently forces us to confront a more honest version of ourselves through riveting lessons about positivity, replacing negativity, letting go, coincidences and much more. A lot of her prose is speckled with DIY lessons, which adds to the book's worth, in my opinion. Malti's always vocal about her NLP training and is generous in sharing some great trade secrets through these tests and exercises that she's learned and applied with great to success in her own life. Also, I loved that she didn't hesitate to share deeply personal experiences, all of which further simplify the message of the book while engaging the reader. In the end, this book is more akin to a tete-a-tete with the coach herself as it feels as though she's talking directly to you.
About the author
Malti, Singaporean, 49, is a professional coach, self awareness author and facilitator of transformation. Having been in the personal development industry for over 18 years, she brings her years of experience to scores of individuals, teams in corporations and entrepreneurs all over the world as they maneuver change. Malti is an experienced and certified professional PCC coach with the ICF (International Coach Federation) trained in NLP and Ontological Coaching (Newfield), Barrett's Cultural Transformation Tools, Facilitating Through Values with Corporate Evolutions, Foundations in Neuroscience and she graduated as a lead facilitator of transformation from GBA – Gita Bellin & Associates. She is also trained in Yoga (YAA – Yoga Alliance America) and Somatic work which help people change their thoughts and feelings by holding their bodies with awareness to change their mindsets and emotions. Malti is a certified meditation teacher of The Dynamic Mind Practice which found its roots in TM – Transcendental Meditation. She is an independent leadership and self-awareness author, coach and facilitator and often collaborates with Aberkyn – co–founded by McKinsey & Company in 2012 as a Senior Affiliate Advisor, to deliver programs to organizations that require a transformation of both mindsets and behaviours, mainly client facing having served countless Organizations across multiple industries internationally in their transformational and learning journeys as well as internally as faculty in Firm learning for 4 years. She runs workshops for The Mind Gym and Barrett's Values Centre amongst other firms. Her latest program was a complete Organizational Culture Transformation Journey with a top financial services company in Singapore, supporting the CEO, CHRO and the organization to define their Values and Purpose, align on new leadership behaviours and mindsets. She pioneered bringing workshops and learnings to a hybrid online and offline model supporting clients as we went into new ways of working. Her books "Don't Think of a Blue Ball", "The Mind Spa – Ignite Your Inner Life Coach" and "Thankfulness, Appreciation Gratitude received international accolades some even translated into Indonesian. She recently published her latest book and audio program called "Mastering Your Life." She is a regular contributor and expert consultant for the Times of India and countless other international publications and been interviewed on how to really create the lives we desire LIVE on CNBC India, Australian TV and Singapore radio. Before her career in personal development, Malti had extensive hands-on experience in business when she worked as a senior buyer for an online department store and prior to that as a business development manager for an importer and distributor of home and giftware in Australia. She's also a certified gemologist and diamond grader. Malti lived in Indonesia, spent most of her adult life in Australia and a few years in India before returning home to Singapore where she now lives with her husband, has a grown-up daughter, who is a novelist and a schoolteacher in Australia.