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  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Personal Growth / Happiness
  • Language:English
  • Pages:142
  • eBook ISBN:9781098371838
  • Paperback ISBN:9781098371821

Mastering Your Life

by Malti Bhojwani

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When will you decide that life is not meant to be merely endured but instead, to be deeply enjoyed? Once you embark on the path to mastering your life, your life will never be the same. You will never see or think in the same way again. You will never operate from scarcity or greed, from fear of loneliness or codependency, from low self-esteem or arrogance. For too long, the noise of your old hurts, guilt, shame, and fear has blocked the pristine power and freedom that already exists within you. "Mastering Your Life" is a must-read book that helps you find your purpose and become healthier, happier, and more successful. The book provides life-changing information that allows you to live your desired life. The life you want has always existed beyond the dimension of time and space, and you've dreamed it into creation. Now you only need to vibrate within its same frequency to make your dreams a reality.
When will you decide that life is not meant to be merely endured but instead, to be deeply enjoyed? Too many people are living in a state of constant stress, running on autopilot, relying on outdated thought-habits that were formed out of fear just to survive the demands of modern life. We surrender to old routines and settle for familiar outcomes, no matter how stagnant, only to get by. When all we can focus on is our survival, we end up abandoning our dreams, losing sight of who we are, and our lives go unfulfilled. What if I told you that you could break this cycle by accepting that you deserve the awesome joys of life. Finding the courage to change can be scary. It requires us to let go of our old reliable perspectives and trust the invisible power to transform that vibrates within each one of us - pure consciousness. In this book, you will learn practices to replace your unhelpful beliefs by rewiring your brain. You will literally be changing your mind - so that you can change your life. Choosing this journey of self-discovery is the first step towards Mastering Your Life. When you continuously feed your heart and mind with high vibrational thoughts and feelings, you strengthen the neural pathways that lead to joy. Your every cell will resonate with all you have always wanted, attracting your desired life into your reality. You will ascend into the best version of yourself - the most authentic and the most fulfilled.
About the author
Malti Bhojwani is a self-awareness and transformation author, coach & workshop facilitator. She uses stories from her life journey, analogies, quotes, and neuroscience research to help her readers have their unique insights. Her first book, "Don't Think of a Blue Ball", received international accolades for her candidness and was translated into several languages. The Mind Spa was acknowledged for her directness and a simple meditation technique. Malti has been serving professionals, entrepreneurs, homemakers and leaders in their metamorphosis since the late nineties. She is a senior advisor of cultural transformation to organizations and consultancy firms supporting them as they evolve from short-term survival-focus towards living higher level values for the greater good. Malti has lived in Australia, Spain, Indonesia and India. She now resides between Singapore with her husband Gaurab, where she was born in 1971 and Sydney where her daughter Drishti, a teacher and also an author lives.