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  • Genre:MUSIC
  • SubGenre:Printed Music / Piano-Vocal-Guitar
  • Language:English
  • Pages:65
  • Paperback ISBN:9781682220832

Undivided Heart


by Leah Michelle Hamilton

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A beautiful rendition of Leah's most recent CD Release, "Undivided Heart" transcribed via scores for Piano, Vocal, and Guitar. All the original scores with music and lyrics ready to play for an individual, band, or choir. The piano can stand on it's own, and the separate melody and harmony vocals with words are a delight to sing and play. The guitar has pictures/diagrams of the chords as well for a newer player, and seasoned musicians will be able to glance at the written chords and sight read. Interesting harmonies and note progressions shown as well as some vocal riffs. The music book scores were transcribed via Finale by Roc McNaughton for Leah. These professional scores are easy to follow and use, and follow the format of her latest album release. This is the first music book requested by listeners, so they can sing and play each song themselves. The gloss cover and pages has a soft feel, and is easily transportable to concerts as well as for playing in smaller venues or in your home. This newly released Music Book can be used along with the CD to learn the pieces as well. Sing and play along for concerts, or use as a devotional aid in your private meditations with scripture and times of prayer with God. Having all the songs together with lyrics and scores for vocalists, pianists, and guitarists is a dream. Violins, flutes, etc. can play the melody or harmonies as well, as you customize the songs to your preferences.
A new, fresh approach to lovely songs, combining all the elements for you to use and perform with at your fingertips. Scores laid out by an engineer combined with a music note writing program made for a perfect combination of usability by professional and casual musicians, as well as those wanting to learn new material. This book can be used to teach a class on writing your own songs, as well as teaching and learning, piano, guitar, violin, flute, or singing. These harmony and scores are laid out with chords written and diagrams to observe and emulate while playing the pieces. The songs and lyrics have often been inspired by a verse in the Bible, as well as real life situations and emotions. The faith building, learning, and seeking in these songs is inspiring. For use in private devotions, teaching classes, or in a devotional or Ted talk, these inspirations are for everyone regardless of race, religion, political views, personalities, or musical styles. Songs that can be customized and added to with your own personality and musical creations create a fuller experience. Add new harmony to the existing songs and enjoy the learning. Talk about the verses or themes these songs are telling. This is the "Behind the Scenes" look at the songs. "Mi Corazon" show the love for family, faith, and work. Put your own children in the song or someone you love. "Mi Corazon", my heart is in Spanish as Leah is from Spain, France, and England. "Tenor mon Coeur", hold my heart sung in French, is a joy to her French roots. Add in your language in these sections. "Undivided Heart" is available in many languages around the world, as we all have a common thread in life, love, faith, and family. In "No Extra Dues" it talks about how regardless of your religion, the price has all been paid. There is nothing we can do to earn it, or nothing we can do to lose it once we accept the free gift that God gave us through His Son, Christ's death and resurrection for us. We all share hurts, passions and struggles. So reach out to your neighbor whether they live in a fancy house, condo, or cardboard box. We all need hope for today, forgiveness, and a promise of connecting with each other and a home in heaven. It is the one thing I am absolutely sure of. Singing and playing instruments is as old as time, and as new as a relevant twist on the music. Psalms were words set to music in the Old Testament and express an adoration for God as our Father, and trust that He is always with us in good and hard times. "Little Foxes" talks of the things that can destroy young love. The things that "spoil the vines." Now Leah Michelle loves little red foxes, and recently filmed some out in the Channel Islands. Music videos watch out. However, there are many things that can destroy our relationships. Being intentional to protect, develop, and enjoy your love of your life, your family, or a close friend takes time and thought. Things we say, read, and sing about can and do influence our actions and emotions. Regardless of your past, start today with truth, kindness for yourself and others. This music book along with the album, "Undivided Heart" will start you on an adventure and journey that is endless with possibilities, love, and hope.
About the author
Leah Michelle Hamilton is a classically trained pianist with style and soul. She has recorded and produced three CD's with a unique interpretation of the classics in "Complements," a soulful rendition of Christmas with "Unexpected Light," and all her originals in "Undivided Heart." She grew up in northern California in a large pastor's family, playing for church services as young as 10 years old when needed. She loved every sport and made it to the Junior Olympics in track. She loved sprints. She was considering a course to attend Juilliard and study to be a concert pianist, when her love of people and her extroverted personality won out. She attended Biola University and became a licensed Marriage, Family, and Child Therapist. Over the years, she has experienced every emotion and life experience possible in her practice. Her love of music took a turn in writing and composing lyrics and music. She wrote 2 originals in her 2nd album, and in "Undivided Heart" she has written all the lyrics and music. The songs are intended to inspire, encourage, have fun, showcase your love, develop honesty, acquire peace with God, consider your relationships, place your identity in the One who made you, and harmonize with a free abandon. Leah's heart rejoices when she hears from listeners who have felt understood and inspired, by her latest CD. Leah continues to see clients in her counseling practice in Laguna Hills in southern California, as well as speaking and singing at events. She loves combining scripture and life, to create a unique approach to songs. Different than the usual Christian worship songs, set apart from the traditional pop songs, these songs and ballads are especially enjoyed when you are alone and can soak up the lyrics and apply them to your life. The songs have been downloaded and streamed worldwide, and her love for people of all nations is evident. She continues to be involved with charities and causes she supports as well. The excitement of this first music book for vocal, piano, and guitar is to be able to teach and help those who want to learn to write their own music as well as play these songs. Worship leaders will enjoy the guitar chords, and bands the notes to play and sing. "Unexpected Light" was a recipient of a Limelight cover song award in 2010. Leah has been married to a fellow Marriage, Family, and Child Therapist for 37 years, and they have 3 beautiful grown daughters. They have been involved with her music in different ways over the years, with the middle daughter singing on her first 2 albums. Leah's passion of music continues to offer and delight those around her. She loves people and her honesty and graciousness comes through in her singing. She has worked with many different musicians and is blessed to know them. Her great Aunt, Marcy Arroues-Mulville was a key figure in the early years of the Orange County Pacific Symphony with Carl St. Clair and Henry Segerstrom. She worked with Stan Breckenridge, a jazz musician and professor on her first two albums. Shelly Scarr, credits from Glee, American Idol Season 9, Disney; Jim White, Kenny Stavert, opera singer; Bob Emmet, musician around the world, Whitney Claire Kaufman, disney singer and daughter of Richard Kaufman pops conductor at Orange County Performing Arts to name a few. The future shows Leah with an "Undivided Heart" as in Psalms 86:11, and her knowledge of scripture and love for others is combined in a usable fashion in music and life. She delights to see music, love, faith in God, and relationships deepen with these lyrics and music from her heart. The future is bright and new every day!