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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Biblical Studies / Prophecy
  • Language:English
  • Pages:24
  • eBook ISBN:9781098335359

The Whole World Will Now Witness 5 Miracles at One Time!

by Harold Scott Morris

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The stunning hidden truth of the Bible will now be made known! You are soon to witness 5 miracles at once! The first miracle you will witness is that so many important things, plainly written, have been "missed' by everyone for 2,000 years. It is simply impossible that this could occur! Jesus now reveals to us, by His own teachings within the Bible, His earthly ministry Part 2! In many ways it is just as "miraculous" as His first ministry!
How many people even realized the Bible has important truth that has been "sealed" until an appointed time? The prophets Isaiah and Daniel foretold it. The Apostle Peter reminded us about it. Isaac Newton also pointedly referred to the hidden truth, and Thomas Aquinas surely alluded to it. However as inspired and brilliant as these men were they could not arrive at it! That's because that great understanding has been kept for YOU at this time! Our knowledge of the Bible has been childlike until now. You will soon witness the stunning new truth of the Bible unfold page by page. What you will discover is the "proof" of God that was intended for us all at this time! It is such an undeniable "proof of God" that He now poses to all mankind this challenge within the Bible. That all nations should gather together to compare their beliefs to this revelation, and declare that it is truth!
About the author
Harold Scott Morris was led supernaturally, for more than 3 decades. He received various "speakings" at key points in his journey of biblical discovery. That help enabled him to come to the full understanding of the "sealed" truth of the Bible. This resulted in his book "The Revelation of the Testimony of Jesus Christ Sealed Until Our Time." A main focus of that work reveals an extensive chronology of events leading up to the end-time. Another book "25 Reasons Why Jesus Christ Came to Mankind" provides insights on the Lord's first ministry on the earth. A third work titled "The Keys to Health, Happiness, and Success: 100 Life-Changing Insights in Just Minutes a Day!" is not primarily spiritual in nature, but shares practical insights the author gained during his walk under the Lord. The author's most recent work is "The Whole World Will Now Witness 5 Miracles at One Time!"