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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Thrillers / Espionage
  • Language:English
  • Pages:275
  • eBook ISBN:9781667841595

The Cipher Who Came in from the Cold

A Fictional National Security Story (with reality not far behind)

by Gideon Samid

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This thriller describes a showdown between the United States and Israel on one side, and Iran on the other side. It begins with an intelligence failure of the US vis-a-vis Iran. America is struggling to catch up. The subtitle of the book is "with reality not far behind". And here comes October 7. Iran's proxy, Hamas, has misled Israel and US intelligence by posting misleading messages on an encrypted channel they knew America and Israel has breached, while communicating the true plans for this vicious attack through a Taiwanese cipher not unlike the cipher described in this thriller. It's bewildering how reality follows fiction. This book offers a thrilling insight into the emerging cyber war where one genius mind can overpower brigades of ordinary cyber experts. Who knows -- may be a young man or woman with the talent of Alan Turing was born in Teheran twenty five years ago, and is now serving as an equal to the full might of the NSA? The United States was caught in its mental inertia, while Iran was quick to recognize the rising power of randomness. The story unfolds in a breathtaking pace culminating in its surprising ending.
The NSA modus operandi has always been to entice the world to trust encryption for which the consensus is that it is unbreakable, while in stealth breaking it; thereby achieving cyber superiority. And they achieved it, keeping America on top. Alas, success blinds. A fundamental vulnerability emerged and became a game changer. With the new science of cryptography, the computational edge claimed by the NSA becomes irrelevant. Unfortunately, America's adversaries were the first to spot the new cyber reality, and they are moving in for the kill. This is the factual basis of this new cyber thriller "The Cipher Who Came in from the Cold," a nail-biting account of a very likely future. Stewart Restbe, a hounding CIA officer, alerts the first African American Director of National Intelligence. It's not easy, the bureaucracy fights back. A charming NSA math prodigy Marlene Leipzig pitches in. Recent embarrassing CIA calamities shake up the Intelligence Community. A match of wits and grit is flaring up, burning throughout the vast expanse of cyber territory. America is stunned by the fighting power of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard. Who helps them? The struggle extends to kinetics; special forces are called in; nuclear events are on the table. The plot twists and turns. Each side firmly believes in their just cause. Follow the struggle to the last page of the book.
About the author
Prof. Gideon Samid, PhD, PE is a former Israeli intelligence officer, now building next-generation cyber security products. Gideon is Chief Technology Officer for BitMint, selling quantum-resistant cyber products around the world. The United States Patent Office granted Gideon 35 US patents, spanning hardware and software. Professor Samid taught cyber security at the University of Maryland, authored nearly 100 peer-reviewed articles, and wrote many critically acclaimed technical books. E.g. "The Unending CyberWar", "The Innovation Turing Machine". Gideon's YouTube Crypto channel has over 6300 subscribers. In parallel to his technology path, Gideon uses a literary pen. E.g. "Fair Moon", "The Unbound Ignorance", and "A Line with a Pulse".