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  • Genre:DRAMA
  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:81
  • eBook ISBN:9798350941500

Rabbi's Orders

The Tiktinski Family Goes to Auschwitz

by Gideon Samid

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The Final Solution of the 'Jewish Problem' was six millions victims successful; thankfully interrupted by the Allied victory in World War II. Shockingly, Hitler's heirs are planning to finish the job this very moment. As Israel and the Jews vow "Never Again" it is time to remind ourselves how the panic and despair of the hour evoked community blindness and disbelief, rationalization and delusional hope which was craftily manipulated by the cold-blooded planners of the Final Solution. The play before you depicts the family members of the playwright facing their rabbi's orders to march to the train that will take them to a promised "bearable labor camp". What to do? What options are there?
Poland, Autumn 1942. Entire communities were guided by their rabbis to come to the local train station and board cattle trains which the rabbis said would take them to Auschwitz, a work camp ready with a local synagogue. The Tiktinski family, like others, entered into a fierce debate: to believe the rabbi? To board the train? The persistent rumors leaked the truth -- a horrible death ahead. The members of the family, all real people, the family of the playwright, found themselves in the turbulence of bad choices and disappearing hope. The play presents this conflict of opinions, this emotional fateful discussion that takes place before congregating at the train station, while waiting for the train, and finally, as the deadly gas chambers loom ahead. Six million Jews and countless Gentiles went through this horror. We ought to submit ourselves as witnesses to the cry of the abandoned to ensure it never happens again. "Never Again", requires attention to the Holocaust that was. This is the contribution of this play: "Rabbi's Orders"
About the author
Prof. Gideon Samid, PhD, PE, is a second-generation Holocaust survivor, born in Jerusalem, as his family which was largely lost to Hitler was re-sprouting in the Jewish ancestral land, Israel. Proudly growing up free, joining the Israel Defense Forces, ensuring 'Never Again'. Gideon studied at the Technion -- Israel Institute of Technology, and became a professor of engineering. Yet, blessed by an inspired pen Gideon published a poetry book, "A Line with a Pulse" and several fictional and non-fictional accounts. "Rabbi's Orders" is Gideon's first step into the world of theater. Using the play to commemorate his own family on their last journey, following their rabbi's orders to Auschwitz. As his grandchildren are getting ready to join the IDF, and following the horrible massacre of October 7, 2023, Gideon believes it is the right time to present this play as an artistic evidence of the horror that was, and should never come again.