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  • SubGenre:Diseases / Nervous System
  • Language:English
  • Pages:296
  • eBook ISBN:9780986397783
  • Paperback ISBN:9780986397776

New Patients Every Day

How to Build a New Patient Machine and Attract the Right Number of the Right People into Your Practice

by Dr. Dennis Perman

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New Patients Every Day teaches doctors of chiropractic and other wellness professionals how to attract the right number of the right kind of new patients, to build a practice that is fulfilling, successful, and joyful. Using the New Patients Every Day Systems(TM), doctors and their teams can build a new patient machine that brings in as many high quality new patients as you desire. It includes six major strategies, including referrals, networking with professionals, public speaking, promotions, using the Internet and much more. This book is ideal for doctors who want to help more people, make more money and reduce their stress.
I’m excited to share with you the distilled wisdom of over 35,000 hours of distinctions on how to fill your practice with the highest quality new patients imaginable. I have been coaching chiropractors and wellness professionals for twenty-seven years, and the most common question I get asked is, “How do I get more new patients?” This book offers a series of systems to help every doctor get as many new patients as desired—indeed, new patients every day. Now, why don’t we already get all the new patients we want? The problem is not a lack of new patients. I mean, when you walk down your street, 90% of the people you see are not under chiropractic care, and 99% are not under your care. So, there’s certainly no shortage of new patients. There must be something else going on. My observations, both real-time in the trenches and behind the scenes with thousands of doctors in coaching sessions, have led me to design specific systems that, when implemented properly, should help you develop exactly the practice you want, not only with the number of new patients you prefer, but the kind of new patients that you love to take care of. Why don’t chiropractors already know this? It’s because we usually think, if I just had more new patients, that would be the answer. But new patients don’t exist in a vacuum. New patients are part of an entire system. Your practice has dynamics that determine whether or not you can attract new patients, and whether or not you have room to accept and properly serve the new patients you do attract. Throughout these pages, we’re going to be discussing every aspect of generating new patients. What do you have to do in order to get the kind of new patients you especially want? How do you market for them, how do you engage them, how do you get agreement with them so they get the service they need? And what are the characteristic habit patterns of the best new patient getters? Once you have this material under your belt, you should be able to create exactly the practice you desire—not just the volume and the income, but the kind of patients you love taking care of. As I said, ideal new patients don’t exist in a vacuum. Ideal new patients are part of a system. The purpose of the first chapter of this book is to present the basic fundamental system that determines how likely it is that you will attract new patients, and how ready you are to accept them. Once you understand these foundational concepts, you’re ready to learn about the six methods of generating new patients. The next six chapters each address a major category of new patient attraction strategy: referrals, networking with professionals, public speaking, promotions, Internet marketing, and back-end fronting, which means displaying other valuable health and wellness products and services you recommend so you can reach new people seeking those solutions. Each of these chapters includes not only specific strategies, but also tools and techniques of personal growth and communication that will help you improve your results. The final chapter puts all the material together to build a new patient machine, to attract as many high-quality new patients as you want. The end product is that you can attract one or more new patients every day. Or at whatever rate you desire. There’s a way to get there, and it’s based on the interplay between two natural laws, capacity and attraction—master these universal principles, and you can grow any size practice you want. Dennis Perman, DC, August 2015
About the author
Dennis Perman, DC, author, speaker, healer, and coach, has trained thousands of doctors of chiropractic and other wellness professionals and paraprofessionals for twenty-seven years. As co-founder of The Masters Circle, he has delivered hundreds of presentations to enthusiastic audiences throughout the US and Europe. His innovative Capacity Technology™ provides a roadmap to practice success and personal growth. The co-author of The Masters Guide (with Drs. Bob Hoffman and Larry Markson), Dr. Perman has also written, produced, and recorded over sixty hours of original material on practice building, new patient attraction, communication, team building, personality engineering, self-development, and much more. The executive producer of TMCtv, the world’s largest online video success library for chiropractors, with over 350 hours of programming, Dennis also co-produced MasterTalk with Dr. Bob Hoffman and Jeremy Perman for fourteen seasons, 168 editions. He has published his Message Of The Week eNewsletter every Monday for eighteen years, since September 1997, over 900 consecutive weeks, almost half a million words. A pioneer in brain based wellness, with Drs. Hoffman, Barwell, Porter, Porter, Doreste, and other significant contributors too numerous to mention, Dennis helps chiropractors learn how to communicate their message from the inside out. With “New Patients Every Day,” he fills a long-time need—a reference book that teaches doctors of chiropractic how to get new patients. “The tools and techniques in this book will evolve with new technology, but the systems are timeless and boundless—please use them to help as many people as you can.”