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Book details
  • SubGenre:Historical / United States / Civil War Period
  • Age Range (years):13 and up
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Dexter Doubleday
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:138
  • eBook ISBN:9781667811130
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667811123

Dexter Doubleday

Fight for Freedom

by Karen Leary

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"Fight for Freedom" is the exciting first book of the Dexter Doubleday book series! As this historical saga begins, the reader accompanies Dexter on an exciting time travel adventure to discover the hardships and complexities of the U. S. Civil War. Posing as a Union Army soldier, Dexter Doubleday comes to the aide of and befriends a young, wounded Confederate soldier. Their journey together takes them through a valley filled with fallen soldiers, deadly snakes, and the ever-present smell of gunpowder. As Dexter searches for his family, his new friend is searching for courage. Both boys learn truths about the Civil War and about themselves. This is a must-read for anyone wanting to learn about American history in an entertaining way. The characters and premise of time travel are fictional, but all of the information about the Civil War is factual—having been well researched using original documentation and the writings by recognized Civil War historians.


Dexter Doubleday is a typical middle school kid who lives with his parents and younger brother in the small Pacific Northwest town of Ridgefield, Washington. Dexter plays on the basketball team. He enjoys kayaking, fishing, and hanging out with his best friend, Jack. He loves pizza and video games, does pretty well in math, and really likes learning about science. But, he absolutely hates anything and everything to do with history. For one thing, he thinks something that happened in the past has absolutely nothing to do with his life right now. According to Dexter, history is just a bunch of boring old stuff, about boring old people, doing boring old things, during boring old times. Until, something amazing happens to Dexter Doubleday! Dexter is suddenly swept up by a strong gust of wind that instantly pushes him backward in time all the way to the middle of the Civil War. One minute he's jumping down from the steps of the school bus and thinking about taking his dog Bailey for a walk to Abram's park; and, the next minute, he's riding a horse through a terrifying valley filled with the bodies of fallen soldiers, the putrid smell of gunfire, and venomous snakes! Posing as a Union Soldier, Dexter comes to the aide of and befriends a wounded, young Confederate Infantryman. He nurses him back to health and the two unlikely friends set out on a journey together to find what each is looking for. All Dexter wants to do is find his home and rejoin his family. He's in the wrong time and the wrong place and doesn't want to stay! His new friend Micah is looking for courage. He wants to rejoin the war effort to honor his family. During their journey they run into a few distractions and obstacles. One of the biggest obstacles is their differing beliefs and opinions about the Civil War. Through their shared experience, both boys learn a lot about the war and a little about themselves. Dexter Doubleday's time travel adventure changes him. It even changes how he feels about history. He now understands the hardships and complexities of the Civil War and is really beginning to appreciate the importance of history. What changed him? He has no idea. Or, does he? Dexter Doubleday "Fight for Freedom" might best be described as a creative non-fiction. Although the characters and premise of time travel are fictional, the information about and historical references to the Civil War are factual—having been carefully researched using historical documents and the writings of recognized Civil War historians. "Fight for Freedom" is Book One in the Dexter Doubleday series. The subject matter, writing style, lexile range, and vocabulary make Dexter Doubleday "Fight for Freedom" a perfect literary text choice for the middle-level reader (grades 5, 6, 7, 8, 9), for book study groups, for family reading, and for classroom application. To increase learning opportunities, the following are included at the back of the book: • Suggested Pre-reading Activities • Civil War Era Photographs (Library of Congress) • Vocabulary Words and Definitions (listed by chapter) • Book Study Questions (listed by chapter)

About the author
Karen Leary spent most of her years growing up in Santa Cruz, California. She has lived in 9 states and has traveled extensively. She is a U. S. Navy veteran. As an enlisted Navy WAVE during the Vietnam War era, she worked in the Department of the Secretary of the Navy (Pentagon) and the Navy Office of Information (Pentagon). After military service, she earned a Bachelor's degree in K-8 education and a Master's degree in P-9 Administration. She is a former teacher and a retired school principal. As an adjunct professor in the Education Departments of the University of North Carolina (Charlotte, NC) and Heritage University (Toppenish, WA) she taught several undergraduate and graduate-level courses, among them multicultural studies, reading/language arts and social studies methods. As educational consultants, Karen Leary and her husband, Scott (also a retired school principal) are certified trainers in William Glasser's Control Theory Reality Therapy. As such, she and her husband have provided numerous in-services to schools, districts, and educational service districts on the topics of student management, restitution, and class meetings. Karen Leary is a wife, mother and grandmother. In addition to writing, she enjoys reading, art, entertaining, travel and spending time with family. She and her husband reside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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