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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Action & Adventure
  • Language:English
  • Pages:156
  • eBook ISBN:9781543983135
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543983128

Daddy, Laddie, Rufus & Spook

If at first you don't succeed ...

by Ros Armstrong

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Spook's life is in danger and Daddy, Laddie and Rufus must act. Cat-hating neighbour, Old Mr Granville, has grabbed small, silvery cat Spook! What death-defying risks will furry feline Rufus and practical joker Laddie take to rescue their little friend?   


What an escapade for four cats, Daddy, Laddie, Rufus & Spook! Grabbed by a nasty neighbour Old Mr grumpy, growly, grizzly Granville, tiny Spook must be rescued! Daddy is a bit past it so how will Rufus, who doubts himself as a leader and prankster Laddie save Spook in time? Not knowing where Spook has been taken the two cats set out on an adventure; bumping into kangaroos, an emu, slip-sliding in mud, being lost in a storm in the bush. Not only does the nasty, cat-hating neighbour need to be avoided, but Rufus must also deal with old Mr Granville's 'associates', rough bikies. Though Rufus doubts himself he has a unique secret weapon, he can understand and talk with humans and uses his power to fool a bunch of bad men who deserve to be scared. Together with trickster Laddie and Old Mr Granville's nervous 7-year-old nephew Maitland, whose sister Macy continually belittles him, Rufus learns the importance of friends and 'If at first you don't succeed …

About the author

Initially, Ros Armstrong wrote newspaper travel articles and later diversified gaining recognition for short story, poetry, play and essay writing. Ros' memoir, 'It's Enough,' Simply Symi Island, Greece ISBN 978-1-6192741-0-5, available since 2013, records her six-month sojourn on the Greek island. Quirky, illustrated poems in Amazing Aunt Dolly in Action ISBN 978-1-6319218-5-8, available 2014, playfully records audacious Aunt Dolly with her big backside. Relationship novella, Crazy Carousel Life ISBN 978-1-54391-781-9 and e-Book ISBN 978-1-54391-782-6, printed 2017, is a Hell Fire mix - sex, religion and mothers! Now, cat-hating neighbour, Old Mr grumpy Granville has grabbed small, silvery Spook,and her friends, Daddy, Laddie and Rufus must battle kangaroos, storms and bad men to save her. ISBN 978-1-54398-312-8 (print), ISBN 978-1-54398-313-5 (e-book), 2019.

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