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  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:148
  • eBook ISBN:9781543917826
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543917819

Crazy Carousel Life

Mind Games

by Ros Armstrong

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Sex, Religion and Mothers – a Hell Fire mix - as Robert discovers! Crazy Carousel Life; not a love story but a story of love. Robert fantasises he’s heroic characters; World War 11 flying ace, the Red Baron, a unicorn, an Arabian Barb but importantly imagines he needs a guardian angel to transform him into Mr Suave. Robert’s 'angel 'is smart and successful but must overcome her own issues – principally a picky, critically religious mother. An unconventional relationship story, Crazy Carousel Life is a thought-provoking 35,300-word novella touching on contemporary’s issues; Alzheimer's, loneliness, ineffectual parents, religion, sex, adoption, women's roles, Crazy Carousel Life, Unknowingly linked, Robert and his ‘angel’ are stunned by long-suppressed sexual relations that strip bare parental influences freeing Robert and his ‘angel’ to jump on the Crazy Carousel of Life.

An unconventional relationship story, Crazy Carousel Life is not a typical love story but is a story of love, tackling contemporary issues - Alzheimer's, ineffectual parents, religion, sex, adoption. Thought-provoking the 35,300-word novella shows that love can overcome psychological insecurities. Robert and Angelica, both tarnished by their upbringing, manage parental encroachments in contrasting ways. Despite being a competent IT technician Robert strives to overcome his critical father and his mother's death through escaping reality by conjuring himself into heroic characters or fantasy animals; the Red Baron war-time flying ace, a unicorn, or other creatures. He also dreams a guardian angel will transform him into debonair Mr Suave. His perceived 'angel' appears, but Robert blows it – he's too busy daydreaming himself as Pegasus, the wild stallion with magical hooves and his 'angel' vanishes. A respected Researcher and Marketing Consultant, working in remote parts of the world, Angelica trains locals in former war zones to detect and destroy unexploded land mines. Though Robert's 'angel', is smart and successful, she lacks confidence and must overcome her own issues – principally a picky, critically religious, lonely mother. Intimate revelations jolt Robert and Angelica, stripping bare a lifetime deception, resulting in Robert gaining a real guardian angel and freeing them both to jump on the carousel of life.

About the author

Initially writing newspaper travel articles, Ros Armstrong later diversified and gained recognition for short story, poetry, play and essay writing. Ros' memoir, 'It's Enough,' Simply Symi Island, Greece ISBN 978-1-6192741-0-5, available since 2013, relates her six-month sojourn on a Greek island. Quirky, illustrated poems in Amazing Aunt Dolly in Action ISBN 978-1-6319218-5-8, available 2014, playfully records audacious Aunt Dolly with her big backside. Relationship novella, Crazy Carousel Life ISBN 978-1-54391-781-9 and e-Book ISBN 978-1-54391-782-6, printed 2017, is a Hell Fire mix - sex, religion and mothers! Now, four cats in a rescue escapade that children and adults will love; Daddy, Laddie, Rufus and Spook ISBN 978-1-54398-312-8 (print), ISBN 978-1-54398-313-5 (e-book), 2019.

All books are available through e-book distributors.

Printed for personal distribution Ros' poems The Moon is a Balloon (2018), presents her wacky view of life.