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  • Genre:HUMOR
  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Book One
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:40
  • eBook ISBN:9781483531540

Awesome Aunt Dolly in Action

A Wacky, Big-backsided, Adventurous Girl

by Ros Armstrong

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Aunt Dolly, with a whopper bum, what a girl! Adventurous, audacious; Aunt Dolly attempts cycling, swimming, tango dancing, aerobics, even hang-gliding. Follow AWESOME AUNT DOLLY in ACTION through wacky illustrated poetry as she giggles at life.


Aunt Dolly might have an oversized backside but she giggles and woops at life in AWESOME AUNT DOLLY in ACTION. Wacky illustrated rhyming poems illustrate that with a backside to behold, Aunt Dolly is a role model of renown. She's going swell is Aunt Dolly, barging through life, headfirst, that is with her grand butt coming up behind. With great belly laughs Aunt Dolly's going strong, you can tell, tackling any activity with energetic enthusiasm. So easy to accommodate and whilst she may be large, that's not to say Doll's overweight, just chunky, like a barge. She’s proud her rear is so renowned, her wondrous large behind, posterior or hindquarter, Aunt Dolly doesn’t mind whatever name you choose to use, 'cos hers is upper class. A worthy sight, it’s vast, it’s grand, it’s Dolly’s fabul-arse. So don't forget if one day soon you see a bum, yes one that's a sensation, be sure to say 'bonjour', 'hi ya', 'hello', 'gidday' and 'how ya goin' Aunt Dolly', cos Dolly LOVES attention. More Aunt Dolly antics are to follow when Aunt Dolly aspires to be an Astronaut, Apiarist, Actor and later travels the world cracking-up at herself and life.

About the author

Initially writing newspaper travel articles, Ros Armstrong later diversified and gained recognition for short story, poetry, play and essay writing. Ros' memoir, 'It's Enough,' Simply Symi Island, Greece ISBN 978-1-6192741-0-5, available since 2013, relates her six-month sojourn on a Greek island. Quirky, illustrated poems in Amazing Aunt Dolly in Action ISBN 978-1-6319218-5-8, available 2014, playfully records audacious Aunt Dolly with her big backside. Relationship novella, Crazy Carousel Life ISBN 978-1-54391-781-9 and e-Book ISBN 978-1-54391-782-6, printed 2017, is a Hell Fire mix - sex, religion and mothers! Now, four cats in a rescue escapade that children and adults will love; Daddy, Laddie, Rufus and Spook ISBN 978-1-54398-312-8 (print), ISBN 978-1-54398-313-5 (e-book), 2019.

All books are available through e-book distributors.

Printed for personal distribution Ros' poems The Moon is a Balloon (2018), presents her wacky view of life.