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  • SubGenre:Ancient Mysteries & Controversial Knowledge
  • Language:English
  • Pages:356
  • Paperback ISBN:9781098331573

Conscious Awakening 101

by Arlene Lanman

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OVERVIEW Every being in this Realm, salient or ethereal, benevolent or predatory, has their own agenda and you are their pawn in this Grand Experiment to achieve their goals. It is up to you, and only you, to determine how to navigate all the pitfalls, to separate truth from illusion, and to determine an Escape Plan to move on to a better Realm. This book is a short but comprehensive course in why the Grand Experiment was conceived for Earth; why you have participated in it lifetime after lifetime, after lifetime: and why this may be your only chance to ESCAPE, since you have Awakened enough to be seeking the Truth. Within this book you will learn all of the below and much more: • The Five Stages of Waking Up • The True History of the Universe and Earth • The knowledge you need to Escape the Middle Realm in which you live • Why Reincarnation is a Trap • Why Oneness is a Trap • Finding your Twin Flame – it is important! • Planet Earth Inc. – Who Owns the Earth • Why your own ego is used to trap you • Why you have been tricked by the Light • Why other Star Being may or may not be here to help you • No one is coming to save you • Only you have the answers to determine your own destiny • The journey after death Research into Reality - (The Truth – Can you Handle it)
Is it Real? Is it Fake? Is the Game of Life a Mistake? The question revolves around the basic question of do we perceive the universe around us as it really is (direct) or is the universe an internal perception that is generated within our brain (indirect) from an interpretation fed by our senses of feel, touch, taste, see, and hear, as well as how society has "programmed" us? CONSCIOUS AWAKENING 101 (book) is your Short Course guide to WAKING UP to become enlightened, to increase the frequency of both the Earth and yourself in order for you to see Actual Reality and guide others to a higher density and realm. It is beyond how you touch, how you see, how you hear and the senses you use in the reality. Actual Reality is beyond all of these and you need a SHORT COURSE to fully understand Who you Really Are. Maybe parts of you try to understand, but a lot of it is beyond what we can even imagine. It is a choice to WAKE UP. When you begin to Wake Up, you go into a certain reality to remember who you are; you remember you are a divine being. You remember that you have a connection to the stars and you have a connection at many different levels. Conscious Awakening 101 will help you understand the vastness of your spirituality, your immortality and your connection to everything in the universe, from its very beginning to today. The more you acknowledge how vast your really are will give you the ability to tap into it. You always had the ability to tap into your vastness, but now you are seeking to know who you really are. The more you can have the information come through, the more in sync with the universe you will become and the more you will be able to help others raise their own frequency to find their own TRUE REALITY. Most of all, you will realize that this Realm (the Middle Realm) is a polarity world, dominated and controlled by the Draco-Reptilian Empire (sometimes referred to as "Evil" and "Darkness) and you have for many lifetimes been caught up in the Reincarnation Cycle. This Short Course will help you determine (write) your ESCAPE PLAN and be on the "road" to Higher Realms. HEED THE CALL TO WAKE UP and go through the process of remembering your true self and Escaping this world. THERE ARE TWO "TRAINS" leaving the station. One that has you and all others aboard, weather you're a STO (Service to Others) or STS (Service-to- Self). There are 7 "cars" (Densities) that make up each of the "train's" consist. All start out on the "train" driven by the False God (the "owner" of this world and the 4% Universe) who created mankind to be dominated and to be controlled by Him. The other "train" is driven by Creator God who provides you with unconditional love. You can either stay on the"train" driven by the False God; it is "headed" to the Lower Realms. Or, you can intentionally transfer to the "train" driven by Creator God; it is headed to the Upper Realms. Your intensions and understanding of the Actual Truth will determine which "train" you choose. Which "train" do you choose to be on – you have the Free Will to choose. You are a Free Spirit, riding an avatar which is on fire; it is your Free Will to WAKE UP to Reality and become Enlightened, and to make the choice. YOU CAME HERE TO BE A BEARER OF LIGHT - WAKE UP AND LET YOUR ADVENTURE BEGIN – YOUR FUTURE AND OUR WORLD DEPENDS UPON YOU WAKING UP TO ACTUAL REALITY AND TO DEVELOP YOUR ESCAPE PLAN.
About the author
As a child, I knew I came from the stars. This thought has permeated my entire life, knowing that I was sent to Earth to complete a mission – a search for the "truth". In college, I wandered from Thermodynamics/ Structural Analysis to Metaphysics, from Religious Theology to Philosophy, and many other diametrically opposed subjects. At the end of this part of the journey, I obtained a degree in Architectural Design and Engineering with numerous Minors. I was a Military Officer, Professional Engineer, Registered Architect, and Engineering Group Manager. In the end, I found no answers to what is the truth. At a weekend religious retreat, one of the best selling spiritual writers stated, "Stop the reading. You are only trying to confirm what you already know. Go inside of yourself to find the answers to the questions you are seeking." With that, I relied upon the universe to guide me in my research to find the truth, resulting in my first book, Conscious Awaking – A research Compendium (2019) – that journey revealed all we have been told, seen, read, and heard is a well crafter lie and hat there has been an ever on-going, since time eternal, war throughout the universe between the Service-to-Others entities (often referred to as "evil" and "darkness") and the Service-to-Self entities (who call themselves "Bearers of Light"), both having their own agenda on how to use you to their advantage. This book was written to be a condensed guide for others to" learn the ropes" of how to ESCAPE the "do-loop" reincarnation path of life after life within this polarity world that is dominated and controlled by the Service-to-Self group. It is my hope that others, by reading this book, will find their path to the Higher Realms.