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  • SubGenre:Spiritualism
  • Language:English
  • Pages:276
  • Hardcover ISBN:9781667876443

Defeating the Behemoth

Navigating the Spheres

by Arlene Lanman

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The purpose of life is to enable your Divine Spark to be released from its captivity in matter (body) and reestablish its connection with and return to the Invisible God, who is perceived as being the source of the Divine Spark of Light given to each of us through the Aeon Sophia and Christ (directly emanated from the Invisible God). In the Gnostic Christian tradition, Christ is seen as a wholly divine being which has taken human form in order to lead humanity, through knowledge, back to the Infinite Source of Light. This book presents:  The Alternate History of our universe for the reader to know how the universe and the Demi-gods came to be.  The wars in Heaven (I.e., Heaven and the "fall" of Lucifer, The Galactic Wars - in space, and the current war on Earth between Service-to-Others/ "Good" and Service-to-Self/ "Evil").  How the Darkness gained control and dominance over 4% of the universe (including the Vega Supercluster, the Local Supercluster, the Milky Way, Earth).  Why we are here; our purpose and mission.  The Darkside traps on Earth to keep spirits from leaving.  How to escape entrapment of the "Earth Prison" Matrix.  The Tree of Life – Awareness and Consciousness. The Roadmap of creation and redemption to Escape the Darkness.  Preparing to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  Defeating the Behemoth (Judgment).  The Astral Planes (Judgment and the Akashic Records, Purgatory, the First Heaven, the Soul Plane).  The Spheres of Influence (additional Matrices to be traveled to reach the Devine Planes).  The strategy to defeat the Ourobros (the evil serpent guarding the cosmic egg containing the Earth, Astral Planes, Spheres of Influence - all within the 4% universe dominated/controlled by Darkness).  Cracking the Cosmic Egg.  'The Keys to The Kingdom, Salvation (escape from Earth) and the Keys to Heaven explained.  Beyond the Ouroboros; Parallel Worlds.  Spiritualism vs. Dataism  Gnosticism Defined.  Why no one is coming to save us - We are the one
Life is filled with an ever changing kaleidoscope of conflicting talking heads produced by the Dark Force to keep mankind from learning the Truth that the universe we live in was created by a secondary god emanated from the Eternal God. That the universe we live in was awarded to the Dark Force to end the Second and Third Galactic Wars; it is called the 4% Universe. The Dark Force controls and dominates the Earth, the Milky Way, the Local Cluster and the Vega Supercluster, all which comprise the4% universe. The Dark Lord, the Fallen One, also called in ancient texts tfe Demiurge, crafted mankind but the Devine inserted a Devine "Spark" (spirit) within mankind. The Dark Lord, trapping the spirit in the soulless humanoid form (body). Mankind was now trapped and the Dark Lord convinced mankind that they were just bodies. Since that time, the Force of Darkness has actively engaged in keeping humanity in mental, spiritual, and physical bondage to the Earth and their Realm of Darkness. Nevertheless, everything that comes through the Eternal One, no matter how degraded, eventually yearns to return to Home (Eternal God). This book presents a way out of the Dark Lord's traps, beginning with history of the Wars in Heaven (the War in Heaven between those loyal to the Eternal God and those siding with the Rebellious Lucifer, the War in Space between "Good and Evil", and the current War on Earth for the "People of Light"). The Dark Lord made Earth a Confinement/Jail for mankind, along with the Astral and Soul Planes, and the Seven Spheres of Influence, all part of the cosmic egg dominated and controlled by the Dark Lord, the Great Dragon/Snake. This book describes all of these Planes and Spheres, and provides an Escape Plan for each. This book provides the History (Know Your Enemy), strategies, and tactics to "Win the War". The reader is to provide, (1) Their own Enlightenment, (2) Knowledge of one's own Strengths and Weaknesses as the holder of the Devine "Spark', (3) Confidence, (4) Follow your "heart" (Inside), and (5) Virtue. USE THIS BOOK TO BE PREPARED and to be forewarned.
About the author
As a child, I knew I came from the stars. Beginning around the age of five, I was the child with a thousand questions. I was curious, skeptical, pragmatic, and had an inquisitive mind. As a young adult, I placed my effort to detect the hidden mechanisms and processes behind the phenomena of what I observed. As a result, I developed the ability to detect the truth behind appearances, and the cause behind the effect. Unknown to me, I was on a quest to find the "Truth." In college, I wandered from Advanced Mathematics/Chemistry/ Physics to Metaphysics, from Theology to Philosophy and Existentialism, and from Astronomy to Astrophysics. At the end of this journey, I obtained a degree in Architectural Design and Engineering with numerous Minors. I was a Military Officer, Professional Engineer, Registered Architect, an Engineering Manager within a major Oil & Gas Company, a Coordinator for a Hospital Design Firm, Director of Architecture for Higher Education, and a Senior Engineering Manager in Military Engineering & Construction. In the end, I found no answers to what is the "Truth". One day, I was told that what we see is not altogether real, that we were trapped on Earth and that Faith alone would not assure we would "have an automatic ticket to heaven". I was told that Faith needs to be based upon KNOWLEDGE (of the Creator, His purpose, and that Christ was sent to Earth to provide the knowledge that we desperately needed). This was my "Wakeup Call". I began in earnest to find the answers to the questions: Who am I, Why am I here, What is the purpose of my life, How do I achieve my Mission, and the many challenges that follow upon death. Considerable research yielded my first book, Conscious Awakening – A Research Compendium (2019), to record my enlightenment. But my journey was not over and I wrote my second book on how to apply that research; the book was, Conscious Awakening 101 – A Short Course (2021). Still not done, I wrote another book, Starseed Trichotomy (2021) to put all the Pieces Together and Implement the Plan to Escape this polarized world/universe, and then another book, Growing Up Westsider 1950s 1960s and Beyond (2022) to document that all the pieces of life actually fit together, as if it planned, which they were before I traveled to Earth. This is the latest book to be blunt and express exactly what one needs to know to escape the Darkness.