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  • SubGenre:Ancient Mysteries & Controversial Knowledge
  • Language:English
  • Pages:350
  • Paperback ISBN:9781098393274

Starseed Trichotomy

by Arlene Lanman

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BACK COVER TEXT: The Mysteries. If you seek the Mysteries to uncover the purpose and place of man within the cosmic framework, then this book is for you. The primary focus here is spirituality and physics, which I regard as one, with the articles I present offering my own personal insights on a variety of topics, hopefully providing unique solutions. This Book is divided into three Parts • Part 1, You will learn about yourself and how astrology predicts and reveals the various Aspects your life through analyzing the astrological zodiac relationships between your planets (trine, square, sextile, conjunctions and oppositions) and your relationship with the constellations. • Part 2, You will learn about the various cycles of the earth (Milankovitch's eccentricity, obliquity and procession) and how they affect the earth's climate of alternating between ice ages and greenhouse periods resulting in the rise and fall of civilizations. In addition you will learn how these events may have been influenced by the influx of other forms of life and colonization. You will also learn how astrological alignments of planets cause the various the cataclysms experienced by the earth and, perhaps, why we are here to help others through these events and expand our spirituality at the same time. • Part 3, What you need to know and do before leaving Earth. The main purpose of Starseeds is to first heal yourself from past trams and past karma, and once healed the Starseed is here to serve humanity with their unique gifts and wisdom at this time of Ascension.
As a Starseed (includes Indigos, crystals, Rainbows) there are a few things you need to know are included within this book. • PART 1 - Who you are, where you have been, and your mission. Definition and Comparison. Our human brain functions through defining items and then comparing it to other related items. These 2 parts - Definition and Comparison - are so intertwined, that none could exist without the other. WHAT IF YOU WOULD TAKE AWAY EVERYTHING TO COMPARE? WHAT IF NONE OF THAT WOULD BE TRUEAND YOU WOULD HAVE ACCEPTED SOMETHING AS TRUE, THAT WASN'T BASED ON REALITY BUT ON SELF-ILLUSION. WHAT IF YOU WOULD START TO DOUBT ALL THAT YOU HAVE BELIEVED TO BE TRUE ABOUT YOURSELF, FOR ALL THOSE YEARS. THE PAINFULL TRUTH COULD SET YOU FREE. This book will guide you to find the REAL YOU and your STARSEED MISSION. • PART 2 -What is this place (Earth), its mission, its actual history, what has happened to it over time, why it was colonized by star-beings (several times). Finding truth in history is about understanding that this truth is not absolute. In this sense, truth is based on perspective. The perspective of the person who captured it and the person interpreting it. And the perspective of the translators and editors and primary sources. We don't get to be invisible observers of moments in the past, and we don't get to go into other minds. The best we can do is keep our eyes open and keep our biases in check. And what history can teach us is found not just in the moments it tries to describe, but also in what we choose to look at and how we choose to represent it. The primary problem with the history of man is that archeologist and humanology wants to package it all into the last 10000 years or Maybe, A bit earlier to the end of the last ice age ( approximately 20000 years ago). This book will present the case that mankind existed 800000 years ago or even earlier. • PART 3 - What you need to do before leaving Earth. The main purpose of Starseeds is to first heal yourself from past trams and past karma, and once healed the Starseed is here to serve humanity with their unique gifts and wisdom at this time of Ascension. A considerable amount of healing is happening when your body is sleeping but even when you are just going about your day you are anchoring divine light into Mother Earth and affecting everyone around you. You are doing Earth a huge favor, just by being here. Starseeds have incarnated on Earth many times to learn how humanity and Earth works, and how it is to be human. We all come with a soul contract, signed before birth, on what we want to accomplish this lifetime on Earth. This mission will look very different from Starseed to Starseed, but it always involves spreading your light to humanity in your own unique way. Most often, your inner child knows the answer to the question – what lights you up? Your mission is much more complex than light and love. This book will present what you need to do in order to heal yourself of past trauma and karma as well as to help enlighten others to achieve their ascension. Nearly everything on Earth is a trap to keep your spirit/soul tied to the Earth, lifetime after lifetime. This book will help you to devise your Escape Plan. My Goal is to get the reader to think outside of the box that they put themselves in. AUTHOR'S PERSPECTIVE - Analytical, Assertive, Independent Thinker, Truthful (even if it hurts), Direct (says it as it Is), and non-Emotional - she matches the traits of a Lyran. Thinks there is never enough research to truly know a given subject. Believe this is her first and hopefully the last trip to a strongly polarized world like Earth - a good thing to do once and only once! But it makes conflict elsewhere in the universe as being tame and insignificant. In reference to the physical-spiritual separation table below, I would define myself an Idealist where higher reality is obtained by transcending a material experience, but it is experiencing the physica
About the author
As a child, I knew I came from the stars. Beginning around the age of five, I was the child with a thousand questions. I was curious, skeptical, pragmatic, and had an inquisitive mind. As a young adult, I placed my effort to detect the hidden mechanisms and processes behind the phenomena of what I observed. As a result, I developed the ability to detect the truth behind appearances, and the cause behind the effect. Unknown to me, I was on a quest to find the Truth." In college, I wandered from Advanced Mathematics/Chemistry/ Physics to Metaphysics, from Theology to Philosophy and Existentialism, and from Astronomy to Astrophysics. At the end of this journey, I obtained a degree in Architectural Design and Engineering with numerous Minors. I was a Military Officer, Professional Engineer, Registered Architect, and Engineering Manager within a major Oil & Gas Company, Hospital Design, Higher Education, and Military Engineering & Construction Management. In the end, I found no answers to what is the "truth". One day, I heard there was an Alternate History of the Earth and that the astronauts stated there were over 60 extraterrestrial species that had visited Earth – this was my "Wakeup Call". I began in earnest to find the answers to the questions: Who am I, Why am I here, What is the purpose of my life, and How do I achieve my mission. Considerable research yielded my first book, Conscious Awakening – A Research Compendium (2019), to record my enlightenment. But my journey was not over and I wrote my second book on how to apply that research; that book was, Conscious Awakening 101 – A Short Course (2021). Still not done, I wrote this book (Starseed Trichotomy) to put all the Pieces Together and Implement the Plan to Escape this polarized world.