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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Romance / Contemporary
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Pages In Between
  • Series Number:2
  • Pages:762
  • eBook ISBN:9781543955644
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543955637

Amityville Magic

Once Upon a Time There Was Fairy Tale

by Renay Jordan

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Amityville Magic: Once Upon A Time there was Fairy Tale by Renay Jordan is a tale of family secrets, love, and magic, and also the tale of a place called Amityville and some of the eccentricities recorded there, and one of the most powerful families that live there — the Anastasio family. Adrian is considered to be under a spell by Tiffany Bennett. When the girl he loved ten years ago suddenly shows up at Nana’s funeral —and by the way, Sicily Sutherland has been the darling of everyone — Adrian is stunned, unable to believe it at first and unable to determine if Lorelei has come for Nana or for him or for both. Meanwhile, Tiffany sees great danger in Lorelei's return and doesn’t trust her because she believes even the first spell Lorelei cast on Adrian hasn’t yet waned. Adrian’s torn between two women but he is about to discover that a case that has been thought closed is not yet closed. Follow him on a painful journey as he navigates a dangerous path to uncover the truth. But is he ready to face it, and what about the conflict of his heart?

A story that is both heartwarming and painful, and filled with drama, Amityville Magic starts in the most unusual way with a diary, and the humor and context of the story are established from the very beginning. The quirkiness of the characters comes out and from the vivid descriptions and the lively dialogues, the reader knows immediately they are in for a treat. Here is an element of humor that hit me just as I opened the book. While talking about her mother insisting that she use a diary, a character states: “She thinks it will help me figure out what I want to do with my life. Isabel said to screw diaries because someone always finds them. Mom told her to shut up and have another glass of wine." The writing is gorgeous, filled with powerful moments of drama; it is intensely emotional and exciting when it comes to the depth of character. Renay Jordan writes beautifully about family dynamics and explores both the emotional and psychological conflicts with intelligence and skill. This is a novel with a huge potential for entertainment, balanced, and utterly enjoyable.



Amityville doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to Spirits but if there's anyone who can change that, it's the Anastasio family. They've ruled Long Island for decades with an iron fist and, every now and then, a little bit of magic. They know what most people don't: that Spirits need a little bit of help here on earth, and if we're willing to give it to them, they're willing to help us in return. Lorelei Anastasio calls them favors. Tiffany Bennett calls them spells and is certain her brother, Adrian, has been under one for the last ten years of his life. When Lorelei shows up at Nana's funeral Adrian is baffled by her sudden reappearance in Amityville. Did she come back just for him or is her presence brought on by a completely different set of circumstances? He's about to find out and what he eventually discovers is a lot more sinister than he could have ever imagined. As Adrian travels back and forth between his boyhood home of Amityville and the new home he's created with Lilah in Woodlawn a strange pattern emerges, and he learns that the case he thought was closed isn't closed at all. Now Adrian is torn between two women. One holds the key to justice in a long-fought battle between sovereignty and compassion. The other holds his heart. As he struggles with his emotions for these two women he loves, he learns that the past truly can haunt the present, and ultimately, threaten the lives of the people he loves the most. 

About the author

About the Author and her family


Renay Jordan is the mother of four incorrigible children. Along with her best friend, Melanie, they’ve attempted to raise their nine children the best way they know how: lots of love, trial and error, and the occasional wild party when they momentarily gave up.

They’ve celebrated each other’s birthdays and survived the birthday parties they’ve thrown for their kids. They’ve weathered divorces and now, grandchildren, who they plan to tell all about their parent’s errant behavior the first chance they get. They’ve survived hometown rumors (Mel is not an alcoholic and Renay did not have an affair with a teenager – even though she thought about it), old boyfriends, pregnancy tests (once in a drugstore bathroom) and every now and then a little illicit behavior they will never admit, much less reveal.

Renay and Melanie have fought, made up and made out (no, just kidding on the last one) although they have considered getting rid of their men and buying a llama farm. (Llamas are mild-mannered, clean, intelligent and less likely to cause heartache.)

THE PAGES IN BETWEEN SERIES began a journey for them that exposed their irresponsibility in life and discredited them as parents which initially embarrassed everyone but has become a bond that ties them all together even tighter.

Their motto: Family always comes first. Screw everyone else.


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