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  • SubGenre:Love & Romance
  • Language:English
  • Series title:The Pages In Between
  • Series Number:3
  • Pages:592
  • eBook ISBN:9781543999570
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543999563

Happily Ever After


by Renay Jordan

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In Woodlawn, Virginia, a town filled with Southern tradition, best friends Lilah Winston and Isabel Lund are raising their seven children the best way they know how: lots of love, trial and error, and the occasional wild party when they momentarily give up. Their carefree, ‘take it as it comes’ lives are punctuated by their daily happy hour where they discuss life’s unpredictability with absolute candor while exhibiting an enviable friendship.

In Amityville, a Long Island village filled with a magical vibe, Adrian Bennett, a seasoned DEA agent, discovers his high school sweetheart, Lorelei, has returned to their hometown. Her past with him is a tragic love story set against the dangerous undercurrent of organized crime but Adrian’s heart belongs to Lilah.

He loves Lilah so intensely he’s willing to sacrifice pretty much anything to keep her in his life. But even so he is harboring quite a few secrets that will threaten this love. His relationship with Lorelei being one, his involvement in a case against the politics of The Empire being the other. None of which he can share with the woman who has stolen his heart.

He’s not the only one with secrets, though. Lilah has a few secrets of her own. When a man from her past emerges in Woodlawn, she is not only worried but frightened. Soon she discovers his intentions aren’t what she’d imagined. He’s there for many reasons but one of them is to win over her heart. He’s never fallen out of love with Lilah and all he can think about is how they could finally raise their son together.

Isabel is furious about two things: the relationship Adrian has with Lorelei and the relationship Lilah is reestablishing with McCain. But instead of focusing on everyone else’s problems – which she prefers to do – she has a dilemma of her own. The boys’ father wants her back. But is she ready to give him her whole heart??

The path of love is never conventional. It is filled with hills, bends and hollows.  So, how do you make it across this rollercoaster of unforeseen impasses? How do you keep your cool in the midst of the storm?

You keep secrets, that’s how.


About the author
Renay Jordan is the mother of four incorrigible children. Along with her best friend, Melanie, they've attempted to raise their nine children the best way they know how: lots of love, trial and error, and the occasional wild party when they momentarily gave up. They've celebrated each other's birthdays and survived the birthday parties they've thrown for their kids. They've weathered divorces and now, grandchildren, who they plan to tell all about their parent's errant behavior the first chance they get. They've survived hometown rumors (Mel is not an alcoholic and Renay did not have an affair with a teenager – even though she thought about it), old boyfriends, pregnancy tests (once in a drugstore bathroom) and every now and then a little illicit behavior they will never admit, much less reveal. Renay and Melanie have fought, made up and made out (no, just kidding on the last one) although they have considered getting rid of their men and buying a llama farm. (Llamas are mild-mannered, clean, intelligent and less likely to cause heartache.) THE PAGES IN BETWEEN SERIES began a journey for them that exposed their irresponsibility in life and discredited them as parents which initially embarrassed everyone but has become a bond that ties them all together even tighter. Their motto: Family always comes first. Screw everyone else.

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