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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Christianity / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:32
  • eBook ISBN:9781626752238

25 Reasons Why Jesus Christ Came to Mankind

by Harold Morris

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The truth of Jesus Christ has spread to nearly every conceivable part of the earth. It now forms the basis of the largest spiritual belief system in the world. Christ certainly foretold that this would occur. However, what has become “lost in the telling” is the simple and direct teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, and how to have a personal relationship with Him.

Rather than focus on Christ’s words exclusively, the traditional approach of the churches has been to concentrate more on “church doctrine," or to rely heavily on the teachings of the Epistles, to bring one to enlightenment. That is why no preacher has ever given a sermon based “exclusively on Christ‘s words," to my knowledge. However the thoughts of men will always fall short of the truth, because there is only one source for it.“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me,” (John 14:6). When we view the ministry of Christ through His words, amazingly, it reveals His many purposes for coming to mankind. We are then able to view the Gospel of Christ with much greater clarity. This in turn allows us to witness His profound ministry as we never have before!

About the author

Harold Morris was brought up with both a strong Catholic, and Protestant influence in his family life. Eventually, he wanted to know exactly “what to believe in," so he searched for the truth by reading the Bible diligently. What he found was a large disparity between what was being taught by formal religion, and the simple truths given to us by Jesus Christ. In the final analysis, what he found is that we are supposed to have a “personal relationship” with God. The problem is that “religion” tries to insert itself between God and the believer, thereby making it nearly impossible to have a direct and personal relationship with Him. This of course means that a lot of what we now refer to as organized Christian religion actually stands against the simple teachings of Jesus of Nazareth; whose words everyone must truly make a part of them!