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Nik Parekh began his working life in advertising, conceiving of ways to sell the products that had already been designed. His award-winning ideas working with brands such as Apple Middle East and Dettol, as well as many smaller names, were concerned with pitching concepts that highlighted the core value of the product. Reverse engineering the appeal and function of products begged the question – isn’t it better to think of these things right at the beginning of the design process rather than at the end?

This led Nik into business development and Service Design. Coming in from a successful career in an outside industry, meant Nik could question the accepted norms of the discipline and see new trends from a different perspective. Attention to detail has always been a service design mantra, but what about taking the 50,000 feet view? Sometimes as creators we can become distracted by the brilliance of a concept up close. Ironically, stepping back to look at the big picture helps us see the small flaws. And Human Centered Design has also come under his scrutiny. Just how can we separate the human from the rest of the physical world when thinking about design? And do we mean ‘humankind’, ‘customers’ or ‘stakeholders’ when we reference Human Centered Design?

For Nik, Service Design doesn’t just mean product development, new technology or competitive offerings – it’s a lifestyle – thinking how we can be of service to our environment and communities, to make the world a better place, looking a the big picture so the things we design today will shape the future.
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