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If there's one thing Clelia Pergola knows now for sure is that a strong value system is the foundation of a rich and productive life. Advocacy. Authenticity. Legacy. These principles are the foundation of her inner checklist and are the criteria that inform all her actions.

Being part of a family with strong ties, it would seem that these values have always been her tiller. And at some level, they were. But it wasn't until her cherished Nonna Lidia died and following her time of grieving that they became more intentional.

Life, Lessons, & Legacy is the story of Clelia's odyssey of self-discovery in the years following her grandmother Nonna Lidia's death. While Clelia went through all the motions of a normal life and strived to project strength to those around her, internally, she was experiencing tremendous self-doubt. In reality, at many times, she was overtaken by self-recrimination about some of the decisions she had made about Nonna's care during the years when Nonna's dementia and physical atrophy were reaching new heights.

As Clelia's story shows us, no journey that helps us gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our purpose and place in the world is ever without pain or missteps. Although no passage of self-discovery is ever truly over, Clelia's journey got her to a better place. She gained a clearer understanding about herself and her family and her relationships with them. This understanding grounded her and made her more self-accepting and aware that not getting everything just right is always part of the process. She also discovered that everything she was ever looking for had been there to guide her all along.

Life, Lessons, & Legacy. is a story of hope. Especially during our current turbulent times, this memoir shows us that the simplest values of family, service, and concern for others are what the world needs right now. And, on a more personal level, Life. Lessons. Legacy shows us that heartaches can be beautiful and troubles that grow out of love make us who we are.