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  • SubGenre:Industries / Service
  • Language:English
  • Pages:158
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543911596

The Law Firm Revolution

by Clelia Pergola and Barbara Mannino

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Lawyers, particularly those in small or solo firms, often get used to spending too much time taking on commoditized, administrative tasks beyond the high-level legal work that they were educated to do. While this work is important, it interferes with the time and focus attorneys require to resolve a case. In short, lawyers who perform like this are not working smart. Inefficiencies lead to backlogs, missed deadlines, and gaps in the work; clients are unhappy, employees disgruntled, and lawyers overwhelmed. Clelia Pergola and Barbara Mannino understand the undue stress this creates in the workplace and how this stress spills over into the home. Through their research and experience they have identified the many ways that technology and innovative ideas are providing phenomenal aids to help attorneys improve practice management and make workdays more productive. They have covered everything from the soft skills that develop the vision, mission and values that become the cornerstones of a firm's everyday operations to team-building, delegation, communication, process development technological competence and the ability to manage mistakes and course correct. In The Law Firm Revolution, they have told a comprehensive story to help lawyers, individuals managing a firm or staff members who want to make a difference how to enrich a firm's culture, enhance its practice management, facilitate its growth and further the professional development and reputations of a firm's lawyers and the indispensable people who work with them.
If you're reading this book, you are no doubt a lawyer, someone managing a firm or looking to make a difference in the firm where you work. As part of this noble club of very bright, very talented professionals, your work is governed by tremendous rules, regulations, compliance standards and ethical requirements. Combine that with your commitment to your clients in matters, often life-changing. It's fair to say, your on-the-job responsibilities are many. Honoring all those masters can be challenging. First, you must serve your clients. It is, no doubt, a large part of your mission is to serve your clients with the thoroughness and professionalism that leads to positive outcomes. Sometimes a resolution doesn't turn out to be what you and your client set out to accomplish. But even then, if you've managed the case with care and treated the client responsively and respectfully, it is likely the client will come away recognizing that he's experienced superior service. Second, you must serve the Law. You are bound to certain standards—both practices that have been legislated and others that are tied to honoring rules and ethics. The specter of malpractice is forever a back drop for your initiatives. And to circumvent the attention to that master compromises service to your client. Finally, you must serve those around you: your partners, paralegals and administrative staff. They are there to assist you with the tasks that are necessary to completion of case work yet, in the case of your administrative staff, outside the scope of strictly legal matters and the practice of law. You must rely on them to perform to their maximum capability and then some. But for them to perform at that high level, you must treat the with respect and make them understand that their work and their contributions are valued and that they are an integral part of your team. It's tough to manage all these masters, and the pressure to do so can get you into the weeds. You take on everything and do too much, particularly when it comes to the administrative, nonlegal tasks such as marketing, reviews, reports, court customer service, etc.. Lawyers, particularly those in small or solo firms, have been doing this for years. Their result: stacks of paperwork piled high in their offices, long hours at work, and, in worst case scenarios, a growing list of dissatisfied clients who are critical of their lawyer's lack of responsiveness. As troubling, the scenario translates to the absence of work/life balance, undue stress on families and personal lives that suffer. In fact, it has been said, that because they feel burdened and overwhelmed with their work, lawyers often come across as an unhappy lot. But today, innovative ideas and the evolution of technology tools are available as phenomenal aids that can help you, develop processes, nurture people and maximize technology. This book identifies many of the key ideas that will improve your practice management and make your workday more productive. That's not to say you'll never encounter bumps in the road. But when you do, you will recognize that you have the knowledge to accept them, learn from them and address them to grow your practice and further your professional development. And, best of all, because of the more effective and efficient way you'll be managing your practice, you may even recapture the passion that set you on this rewarding and important career path in the first place. It's never too late…
About the author
Clelia Pergola has spent most of her career in the legal profession, most recently as the Chief Operating Officer of Goldberg Law Group. The organization and the people, processes and technologies that support it have been a constant focus for her throughout her career, and her colleagues attest that she is the force behind Goldberg Law's rapid growth. From pricing, to business development to bringing the firm's mission, vision and values to life, Clelia has provided inspirational leadership and modeled the intractability it takes to stand up to challenges and facilitate business growth. Her success at Goldberg Law and her continuous desire to help others have motivated her to found Lexfirma Consulting, in which she helps attorneys adopt the best practices that will help them develop professionally and successfully shepherd their firms' growth. The Lawyer Revolution is yet another way she can help others achieve and succeed. Clelia who was also the CEO of the ElderPro Network, a networking resource for professionals in the eldercare industry. Mention my mission about being a resource for caregivers particularly working women and a little about my role as a caregiver for nonna and nonno, me as a wife and mother of 2 boys ,Dante Domenico and Gino Angelo. Her capacity to link the science of operational management with the soft skills of thoughtful, compassionate leadership well position her to share her ideas and methodologies to help others learn and grow.