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Rebellion Dogs Publishing became a trade name associated writing under the pen-name, Joe C (first name and initial). As Joe C, I write about addiction, recovery and mental health, as both a journalist and a person with lived experience. Previously, my journalist offerings appear in print and other media on the topics of music, finance, travel, and billiards/cue sports. Around 2007, I started writing a daily reflection book for people in recovery from substance use and process addiction issues, geared to those who don't hold a worldview that includes a prayer-answering, sobriety-granting higher power (which the vast majority of daily readers appeal to). January 2013, we published Beyond Belief: Agnostic Musings for 12 Step Life... Finally, a daily reflection book for atheists, freethinkers, and everyone.

I continued to write for magazines (Renew, Recovery Mag, TheFix.com) and present primary research and findings to treatment professions, in some cases, and fellow peers in mutual-aid, in other cases. Beyond Belief resonated with not only agnostics and atheist in recovery but anyone looking for a contemporary approach to recovery lifestyle. Our theme: Less dogma and more bite influences writing and blogging and podcasting became part of it with Rebellion Dogs Radio being a vehicle to bring the latest in addiction/recovery/mental health to others with lived experiences.