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Phil Hope is an English author and poet born in Plymouth, Devon in 1966. Although Devon-born, Phil grew up and still lives in East Anglia with his wife and family.

At school he excelled in athletics, breaking the school's 200m sprint and long jump records. His time at school was generally a happy one, although in his younger years he was a little shy and reserved in nature. At a young age, Phil's teachers would comment on his excellent ability in creative writing. Despite this, through his enjoyment of Maths and Physics, he chose a higher education in the field of civil engineering, a profession in which he is still employed today.

Phil has always enjoyed creative writing as a hobby, writing in his spare time, constantly honing his craft with an aim to produce meaningful and authentic poems to inspire people. He produces all of his own cover designs and uses his photographs for his books, adding further personal authenticity to his publications.

Phil has received much positive feedback e.g. Reviews including 5 Star Rating from Shirley Roe, Allbooks Review and Leisure FM, where he has been interviewed and had material broadcast on the radio.

His published books to date are: Forever 21 (2009), Chasing Rainbows (2012), Crossroads (2013), The Light of a New Sunrise (2016) and Glorious Rain (2019). Phil recently said of his role as a writer, 'To me there's nothing more satisfying in life as producing quality new artwork to inspire people in a manner to promote peace, love and harmony in our world'.

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