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Book details
  • Genre:POETRY
  • SubGenre:European / English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh
  • Language:English
  • Pages:200
  • eBook ISBN:9781483573519

The Light of a New Sunrise

by Phil Hope View author's profile page

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An absorbing book of 33 unique and inspirational poems many of which promote peace, love and harmony in the world.


As always I enjoy writing material that is unique and hopefully inspires you, the reader, in some way.

Each poem tells a story and conveys a message of some kind. I have tried to create material that is interesting and expansive, covering a wide, absorbing range of topics.

The poems cover many subjects on different levels:- emotion, feelings and being – love, peace, morals, war, greed, appreciation of life in general.

Personal favourites are 'Weaving of the Loom', 'Love Wins Hands Down' and 'Confetti' (featuring the resonating lines 'are we just numbers, born to be slaves in this 'miracle' age of ours, are we just numbers used to produce profits for your firm?)

I took the name of the book, from the very first poem, which offers some inspiration to the reader to achieve their hopes and dreams. After all, as I often say and emphasise: all things are possible! – a few simple words that could and should inspire us all.

About the author

The Light of a New Sunrise written by British author and poet Phil Hope.

Phil has written four books to date:-

• Forever 21* (2009)

• Chasing Rainbows (2013)

• Crossroads (2014)

• The Light of a New Sunrise (2016)

Phil constantly aims to develop and progress his style of writing and nature of material. To this end his books cover a wide and diverse range of topics, many of which are written to inspire the reader. The material is an uncompromising unique modern free-style – often lyrical with good natural rhythm, creating vivid colourful images and meaningful perspectives within the mind of the reader.

With his latest offering, The Light of a New Sunrise, Phil has produced, what are arguably his finest works to date, rivaling his previous best, Chasing Rainbows.

Judge for yourselves, ‘Ladies and Gentlemen I give you a modern, unique treasure of the English language - The Light of a New Sunrise written by Phil Hope. Take a journey and be amazed with the dynamics of each and every page….’

* Forever 21 (2009) was written under the pen name of Phil McClean