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About the Author

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Welcome to my author bio page. 

“Author Bio Page” 

Sounds a bit pretentious—-like something my butler would type up for me (if I had a butler). 

Honestly, “Author Bio Page” makes it sound like I stand an inch taller than everybody else, when the reality is that I am just someone who gets to do what he loves—-which is writing for the Lord, and doing so in a way that will bless and strengthen as many of my brothers and sisters as possible in what time I have left on this earth. 

The Main ingredient to doing that is simply listening as attentively as possible to the Holy Spirit, so that I am communicating to you all that it is in His heart, and doing so in a way that touches Your heart (and spirit). 

If I succeed at imparting something fresh and alive to your spirit from Him, my hope is that you will then take that and impart it to someone else. That is all I could ever hope for—-For you to take the wonderful changes that the Holy Spirit creates in your heart and life, and partner with Him to create those miraculous changes in someone else.

Reach out to me any time at markgjudy2019@gmail.com