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  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:236
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667827360

You're Right, I'm Wrong

I'm Wrong, You're Right

by Jeff Marinelli

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Are you clueless about making your partner happy or wonder what they're thinking? Have no idea why they get so mad over those little things, to the point that you think there's no way you'll ever make them happy, so why even try? The advice and insight in this book can help singles approach new relationships in ways that will keep friends happy.
This book is all about having a great partnership. It takes a unique approach to your relationship. Part 1 starts by helping you understand how your partnership got so bad. It allows you to step back and connect with similarities in your partnership. The goal is to help you understand how you have unknowingly created problems so you can get on a path to fixing them. Part 2 helps you to understand why your partnership went bad. This is where you begin to see what caused the disconnections. You'll begin to see your actions in a new way, shining a light on how they affect your partner. Once you understand the how and why you are halfway to fixing your partnership. Part 3 is the most important, because it's about resetting the relationship. It has a step-by-step approach to fixing your partnership and sixteen tools needed to do so. When reading the book, you will understand what needs to be repaired in your partnership and, more important, which tools will fix it. If you don't apologize, you will live in misery in your own house. Why be in misery when you don't have to be? (Unless you like the pain.) Apologize so you and your partner can start talking again. Understanding again. And getting on with a happy life and partnership. This book is all about living a fun and happy life.
About the author
Jeff Marinelli is an author who has Hope, publisher, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and best friend to anyone who's working to build a better partnership. He's the first to tell you that he's not a psychologist. He's learned from deep experience in personal and professional settings and now shares that insight in You're Right, I'm Wrong. As founder/publisher of Art and Living Magazine, Jeff has connected audiences and creators who have enriched life since 2005. As a partner to a CEO, Jeff's partnership has been tested and has come out stronger.