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  • SubGenre:Teaching Methods & Materials / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:98
  • Paperback ISBN:9780578561318

You Say You Are A Teacher

by Gabriel Brooks

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Written to help a struggling educator becomes a good educator, a good educator becomes better educator, a better educator becomesone of the the best, and the becomes a master teacher. Also, it written to forge better students/teachers/parents/administrators relationships, which is extremely vital to student's academic success.
This book gives teachers tools and instructional methodologies that get rid of students excuses for not learning, while motivating them to become high achievers. Additionally, it provides parents and administrators with the necessary information that will allow them to truly assess the effectiveness of current educatieducational as compared to the revelations in "You Say You Are A Teacher ".
About the author
Dr. Gabriel Brooks has a Doctorate in Christian Education and is an educator, who has been involved in the education system as a classroom teacher expanding the entire K-12 curriculum, Math and Science Department Chair, curriculum development, motivational speaker, continuing education instructor for teacher's development, curriculum design with technology, educational research for best practices, adjunct professor for Seattle University, Seattle Pacific University, Columbia College, and Seattle Community College, instructor for GED and High School 21, and consultant to Superintendent of Education for Washington State, Chair Business Department Business Training Institute (BCTI), just to mention some of his many undertakings. Dr. Brooks has attended Green River College for continuing education credits, Western Washington University for K-12 Certification, City University for Masters in Business and Public Administration, Columbia for Bachelor of Art in Business Administration and Southern University for Bachelor of Art in Secondary Education. He has always subscribed to the philosophy that everyone has the ability and capability to learn. It may require nontraditional teaching and risk taking to get the desired outcome. Additionally, his philosophy includes the belief that every child is a genus. They just have not been told and taught like they are geniuses. Furthermore, he believes that learning should be fun and something we enjoy doing, as well as what we want to do. Learning should not be something we dread and hate doing. Therefore, it becomes the teacher's job to create a leaning environment that makes classes so inspiring and mysterious that students do not want to miss any classes. Thus, attendance does not become an issue. He brings out the best in teachers and students. He has dedicated his life to helping underachieving-struggling teachers and students become achieving and successful teachers and students, they work to become the best that they can be. His firm belief is that when teachers do their jobs the way it should be done, the students will be academically successful. They will be able to perform successfully on any district, state, or national examination. Dr, Brooks' philosophy is, "Teach a student more than he/she need to know and he/she cannot fail". That is a winning philosophy that no one can argue against. Most teachers don't do this because it requires teaching beyond the assigned grade level curriculum. It requires preparation beyond the current grade level requirements that is not compensated by district. Dr. Brooks is a recipient of many awards including: Dean's Academic List, cum la de, Suma cum la de, Teacher of the Year, Disney Teacher if the Year Nominee, Best Motivational Speake Award, Kent Chamber of Commerce Best Teacher Award, selected as one of 44 teachers from all across America chosen for Teach Africa Project, BCTI Best Dressed Instructor, BCTI Best Instructor, and many others civic award too numerous to mention.