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  • SubGenre:Love & Romance
  • Language:English
  • Pages:340
  • eBook ISBN:9798350912555
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350912548

Where It Began

by Patricia Clifton

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"Where It Began" is a stirring tale of emotional resilience, tracing the transformative journeys of Sarah, Jim, and Andie as they navigate through past pain, unexpected friendships, and newfound hope.
Sarah was once married to an abusive husband and was gripped by this painful past. Through fate, she meets Jim. Sarah's emotional growth into a renewed woman, supported by Jim as a patient man, saw their lives having a promising future. He saw her as a woman he could love and as a woman who would love him. Jim grew to know Andie McGinnis through their job of reworking a city park in Savannah. After a wayward introduction, Jim becomes a fatherly figure to Andie. Jim and Sarah befriended Andie and come to notice her heavyhearted bewildered looks. Andie withholds the truth about the condescending remarks and fearful threats her husband makes until his actions become known. After meeting Fred, Andie's husband, Jim and Sarah suspect she is married to an arrogant, mentally abusive man. With Sarah's past, she is familiar with his domineering ways. After an enduring tragedy involving Fred and Andie's friend Melissa, Andie is questioned by Joe Brown, the lead detective on the case. He realized the danger Andie is in with what she knows. Andie's mental cloudiness clears as she sees Joe as an honest, concerned officer needing to protect her from her husband, whose arrogance has influenced his lack of conscience. Through Jim and Sarah's observations, they come to Andie's aid with support. After Fred's tragedy comes to a deadly end, and the case is closed, Joe expresses his recognition of Andie's maternal instincts toward his daughter and her credible characteristics as a worthy companion. His thoughts are encouraged by his perceptive young daughter. Where It Began is an emotionally compelling story showing the renewed hope of Sarah encouraged by Jim, and their mentoring of Andie, as she renews her shattered life, as Joe patiently waits for this incredible woman. Andie never forgot the turning point in her life and where her new life began. It was after Joe asked an off the cuff…life altering question as he closed an intense interrogation session…'Do you like chocolate ice cream?' This story describes an all-American family living with issues of abuse, and how a medical team, friends, and police officers come to Andie's rescue with uplifting support after her husband shoots her and eventually beats her severely. This story is a family drama of renewed life, moving forward after a tragedy, and the rewards of second chances. This novel tells how honest caring concern, filled with hope for others, brings about a new direction for these credible characters.
About the author
The author grew up in the 60's and writes of this time with its social beliefs and happenings. The story Where It Began comes from that era. She has a varied background with a professional education in art and worked in the creative industry along with the family business. In her retirement years, she renewed an interest in writing, with this being her second book. Her writing interest concerns the emotional issues of women. The author lives in Millen, Georgia with her husband John.