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  • SubGenre:Personal Finance / Investing
  • Language:English
  • Pages:232
  • eBook ISBN:9781543959529
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543959512

When Interest Rates Rise

by Nathan Welch

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WHEN INTEREST RATES RISE Personal Finance is completely different this time, when compared to the previous 34 years! The interest rate trend has changed and will have profound effects that are different from the conditioning that has occurred over decades. Will you choose to see it? This book details what to expect and how to reduce interest rate risk with bonds, mortgages, and outlines a prediction mechanism for equity markets.
IT ALL STARTED… December of 2015, the interest rate trend made a change that hadn't occurred in 34-years! Prior to this date, interest rates had been lowering. They are now increasing. This will have an effect on all levels of personal finance. It will also cause a complete change in asset performance and how assets are thought to perform. Bond values will decrease. Mortgage rates, home equity lines, and student loans will all increase. Dividend stocks will be less favorable as bond yields begin to compete. Learn how you can analyze the interest rates to help understand movements in the equity markets. Misconceptions could be a wealth killer. Learn about interest rate risks, as they have never been more important than they are now. When the trend changes everything gets flipped. This book will walk you through why this time is different than all others. After reading this book, you will never again look at interest rates in the same way.
About the author
Nathan is a leader within a Fortune 500 company. He oversees operations where the largest cost of material decreases in half every six hours. When something disappears this quickly, you end up looking at opportunities and risks by a completely different lens. With this unique experience, he has become a serial entrepreneur who has been the founder of several businesses. He is a public speaker and writer for personal finance articles on CompassVault.com.