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  • Genre:COOKING
  • SubGenre:Courses & Dishes / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:200
  • eBook ISBN:9780996538923

Whats Good With Pulse? Pulse vs. Super Foods

by Charmaine Strachan

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This is eBook is a Modern Day interpretation of the Daniel Fast. The source of this information is recorded in the Bible, the Book of Daniel Chapter 1 vs. 1-21. To better understand about this fast, let's look some history. Around 605-586 B.C, then teenagers, Daniel and his three friends were taken from Jerusalem to Babylon into Captivity. These children were of royal blood, had no blemish, were well favored, wise, cunning in knowledge and understood science ( verse 3). They were given daily the kings' meat with wine and were to be nourished for three years, then stand before the king (verse 5). In verse 8, Daniel decides that he will not eat or drink the kings' provision and he tells the eunech in charge of them, his decision. In verse 10, the eunech tells Daniel that he fears that the faces of Daniel and his friends will not look like the other children who eat the Kings' food. Daniel gives a challenge to the eunech found in verse 12, "Prove thy servants, I beseech thee, ten days; and let them give us pulse to eat, and water to drink". I have taken this diet of pulse and diet of pulse and water for 10 days and present this fast in a Modern Day fast. I have gone outside the box and compiled no traditional recipes using Pulse and Super Foods. The book has nutritional facts about facts, super foods, a cooking or baking contest, menus and recipes. The lunch category of each menu includes an international selection from countries such as Mexico, Italy, Spain, India and others. Cook and eat with me and let's prove that there is something good with pulse. Try some PULSE today!!
This eBook highlights the diet of pulse and water that Daniel along with his three friends ate for 10 days. The source of this diet is found in the Book of Daniel Chapter 1 vs. 12, in the Bible. Let's discuss what is the hype about pulse. Pulse are plants whose seeds are used as a vegetable and include beans, lentils, soy beans, peanuts, and peas. They are added to stews, soups, dips and other dishes. Lentils and beans in the pulse family have a higher iron content than the others. Also included in this book are nutritional facts about pulse, super foods used, cooking and baking content and menus and recipes. Please read the email sent to all pulse, super foods and everyone in the kitchen inviting them to participate in the cooking and baking contests. The contest has a different theme lately and we learn from our contestants about team work, how to press in and get to the finish line. Menus are done for 10 days with the lunch category featuring recipes from Mexico, India, Greece and other countries. These menus and recipes are non traditional and feature recipes might not be considered a pulse diet. Taylor the menu to suit your individual needs such as low salt, no salt, sugar free or gluten free. You are my guests for this ten day water and pulse fast. During this 10 day diet makeover, I hope that you continue to love GOD, give up habits, forgive, become a good Samaritan, go the extra mile, love your neighbor as yourself and become kind and sincere. May I suggest that you take vitamin supplements, fish oil, drink water, eat healthy meals, exercise and pray. Remember to make it a Pulse Day!!
About the author
I graduated from New York Institute of Technology, located in Old Westbury New York. My degrees are in Culinary Arts and Hotel Restaurant Management. I then embarked on a journey to learn about different aspects of food and preparation. Though classically trained, I took the opportunity to work in Franchise Management. It was a different environment, foods came to the restaurant already prepared, some frozen and needed basic preparation. The owner sent me to the Franchise Management training classes where I saw up close and personal how things were done. First hand a roll was topped with a sauce, chicken or beef product, cheese, lettuce, tomato which was easy to prepare with a good profit margin. In the setting I attended a lot of meetings and so my marketing skills were really sharpened. Since Carvel products were sold in the restaurant I got the opportunity to attend their conventions. Having studied about Franchises in college I now saw first hand how a product is showcased, first researched, tested, developed, and brought to the market. Having managed an offsite Catering business and my in depth training, I prefer preparing foods from scratch. Preparation of these foods from scratch require a lot of cooking, patience, and dedication but the rewards of tasty dish is Sooooo rewarding. Guiding principles in my life including GOD, my neighbor, being PRAYERFUL, and working on a healthy eating lifestyles.