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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Christian Living / Leadership & Mentoring
  • Language:English
  • Pages:113
  • eBook ISBN:9780977974863

Weapons of Our Warfare

What You Need To Know About Spiritual Warfare

by Dr. Ernest Maddox

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This book gives an overview of spiritual warfare from Satan’s rebellion until now. The Word of God is reviewed and the strategies of Satan are revealed and exposed. You’ll be equipped to battle the hordes of Hell and be victorious!
Hello, my name is Dr. Ernest Maddox. I’m the pastor of the POINTE of Light Christian Center. We are located in Detroit, Michigan. And you know if you have purchased this CD, or it’s been made a gift to you by a friend, you are in for a blessing. Our topic is going to be in the area of spiritual warfare. If you are interested in a title, you can call it the Weapons of Our Warfare. But we are going to be talking about spiritual and supernatural activity relative to the Word of God, and how it impacts the Christian. And we are going to approach it from a foundational point of attack, an influence issue relative to those of us who are walking in the context of Christianity relative to God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
About the author
Dr. Maddox has served God for over forty four years, and has been a leader in Youth Ministry, Radio Ministry, Satellite/TV, TCT (Total Christian Television) Leadership Training Ministry, and Inner Healing - Prayer and Deliverance Ministry. Dr. Maddox has served as a Deacon, Minister, and Elder. Dr. Maddox is currently the Pastor of the P.O.I.N.T.E. of Light Christian Center, which Jesus Christ led him to establish. Dr. Maddox is known nationally as a trainer, motivational speaker, and man of God in religious and secular arenas. Dr. Maddox is also President of Dr. E. Maddox Ministries. Dr. Maddox was called to be an Apostle by Jesus Christ, and this was confirmed by three men who are also Apostles. Dr. Maddox has seen the power of God to save and deliver. God called him from a life of gang banging and drug dealing, to a life focused on helping others. God took a young man, with little more than a sixth grade education, and led him through a process from GED to Ph.D., and beyond. Dr. Maddox has earned these degrees, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts/Business, Master of Public Administration, Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Ministry and Doctor of Education. Dr. Maddox has served as Dean of the Graduate Schools of Mission Leadership and Pastoral Leadership, at Destiny University in Ghana, Africa, and also served as an instructor at Power of the Word Bible College, Detroit MI. Dr. Maddox has served and taught the Word of God internationally in South Africa and Nigeria. Dr. Maddox began his walk relative to Inner Healing and Deliverance Minis try over forty years ago. He was involved in a very conservative church organization from 1969 until 2000. What Jesus Christ was revealing to him was viewed as taboo in that environment. As a result Dr. Maddox had to rely on God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and his wife, of over thirty seven years, Barbara. “Weapons of Our Warfare”, is a word for you and your deliverance . Dr. Maddox is available for consulting, training, teaching and preaching in all areas of ministry. Thank you for purchasing this book.. His Kingdom Come; Amen”