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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Christian Living / Women's Interests
  • Language:English
  • Pages:256
  • Duration:7 Hours 45 Minutes
  • eBook ISBN:9781667823720
  • Hardcover ISBN:9781667823713
  • Audiobook ISBN:9781667879291

Uniquely Flawed

Empowered to Empower

by Tiajuana Smith Pittman

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In "Uniquely Flawed", Tiajuana Smith Pittman explains that confronting, dismantling, and unmasking the dungeon-like truths of our past is costly. Unpacking deeply rooted discontentment and unlocking soul ties after years will invoke unprecedented emotions. Unpacking one's emotional baggage, physical or psychological, if accessed apart from the Holy Spirit, is overwhelming. Implementing behavioral changes and becoming unapologetically transformed and living extraordinarily out loud may include seasons of social incubation. Like the processing of one's flaws, the transition from inferiority to influence is costly. It often encompasses the unique critiquing of our betrayals! This book empowers others while living unapologetically flawed in your God-given uniqueness.
Living Uniquely Flawed requires realizing you're no longer where they left you! We rarely see flaws as God-purposed but rather as personality defects of the soul. It's through crucible conflict that God teaches us how to dismantle these negative connotations. Being one's full self, even with our contradictions, doesn't mean we're the exception to the rule. It means in the diverseness of our hues, we're not merely uniquely flawed. We're unapologetically and creatively indefinable in stature and presence. Yet, the challenge lies within our unwillingness to acknowledge we've become too comfortable with what we're not. Ceasefire on yourself and others, then unapologetically embrace the uniqueness of one another's flaws. Cease the reprehensible behavior of diminishing another's uniqueness because of external preferences. Then ask God to show you the exquisite purpose of your flaws and others through the eyes of Jesus Christ. I get it! It might not look pleasing now, but I promise your flaws are far-reaching and more impactful than the complexities in which they're established. How do I know? Because you're holding the pages of their truth in your hands!
About the author
TIAJUANA SMITH PITTMAN is an empowermentalist who translates hard-hitting spiritual truths into everyday language. She lathers complex strategies with humor, revelatory insight, compassion, and personal candor. She pastors alongside her husband Bishop Michael Pittman of Refreshing Springs Global Church of God in Maryland. An advocate of diversity and inclusivity, she encourages women to walk in the uniqueness of their doctrinal femininity. Tiajuana teaches expectation is great, but proper execution is having preparation with your expectation! She is a global visionary, bible teacher, and advocate of women embracing their inner healing and personal empowerment! Tiajuana and her husband, Michael, reside in Maryland and enjoy traveling to spend time with their adult children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Although both are avid foodies, she enjoys all things fashion, music, indoor skydiving, roller skating, and traveling.

Book Reviews

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Uniquely flawed All I have to say is, wow. It’s been a while since a book really grasped my attention in this manner. The author speaks from the heart. She doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, instead; she speaks the truth with no detail left behind. There are many empowering words that many of us need to hear in order to understand our flaws. The book explains how being flawed is not only good for the soul, but that it complements our uniqueness. In writing this book, her digging so deep created a relatable realization. Read more
Uniquely Flawed Uniquely Flawed is more than a mindful read, it’s a must read! For me it’s an extremely powerful story of self-awareness and self-acceptance. At the introduction, Tiajuana had me on the edge of nowhere and everywhere at the same time. She left me thinking about what was left to discard, and how to find it beneath the dungeon of unspoken truths. In Uniquely Flawed, Tiajuana has definitely found her place at the table! Matter of fact, she’s at the head of the table serving truth unapologetically. Setting souls on fire with purifying purpose from the throne room of heaven. I was challenged to see what I thought I saw, what others saw, and even what I thought God saw in my flaws! And then, I cried at her question, “Why deprive another man or woman of the privilege of encountering the unique evolution of your presence?” Humility, grace and strength clothe the pages with an uncharted, but necessary assignment for us all! Mission/assignment accomplished Dr. T; flaws embraced, embodied, and empowered uniquely! Let’s go! Tammy Bryant, Senior Pastor For His Glory Ministry Murfreesboro, TN Read more
Uniquely Flawed I started all over again. This introduction no matter if you're male, female, red, yellow, black or gray, old or young, rich or poor. Anyone reading this can see themselves in here at some point in their life. Personally, I think back to when I was younger, and I thought something was wrong with me. That not belonging was a curse. Trying to fit in was the right thing to do. How wrong was I? That my imperfections were my uniqueness and not my bad luck. Fast forward, all of that has brought me to this moment, time, and this place to be who my Daddy has created me to uniquely become. Empowered to Empower, "Where Passion Meets Compassion And Transforms At The Root" Read more