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Tiajuana Smith Pittman
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I'm Tiajuana Smith Pittman, a woman whom the Holy Spirit divinely inspires to write!

Some of my fondest memories as a little girl were writing my deepest thoughts, desires, wishes, and secrets in my diary. The penning of each word represented the unlocking of my unspoken truths. With each stroke of the pen, I became less and less aware of my vulnerability. Writing taught me how to confront and overcome—embracing the power of becoming. Writing became the thoroughfare to storytelling my life out loud through scripture when God began writing on the tablet of my heart.

In translating hard-hitting spiritual truths into everyday language, I'm able to empower women from all ethnicities by lathering complex strategies with humor, revelatory insight, compassion, and personal candor. Choosing to embrace my inner healing and personal empowerment became the driving force behind helping women become the best version of their uniquely flawed selves!

In pastoring alongside my husband, Bishop Michael Pittman, I've learned expectation is great, but proper execution is having preparation with your expectation. I believe in writing this book, God's given me a well-instructed tongue to empower women to live unapologetically unique out loud!

It's an incontrovertible truth. We only become when we no longer fear where we once were!

Dr. Tiajuana Smith Pittman

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