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  • SubGenre:Inspiration & Personal Growth
  • Language:English
  • Pages:210
  • eBook ISBN:9781667871356
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667871349

Thoughtful Texts to My Fantastic Grandkids

by Paul William Johnson

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Over a year's worth of weekly texts Paul William Johnson sent to his fantastic grandkids to help them develop their creative thinking ability. It also contains 50 short ideas for his great grandkids to consider when he is gone.
Book Description from the manuscript introduction This book includes over a year of weekly texts I sent to my thirteen Fantastic Grandkids to help them develop their creative thinking ability. My grandkids ages spanned nearly twenty five years and they had a variety of experience, education and interests. My goal was to write on subjects that would be interesting to all of them. The subjects were selected to reflect the potential interest of any age group. This would give the grandkids the opportunity to re read the texts and still find something interesting and enjoyable as they got older. The Fantastic Grandkids texts provided an opportunity for me to share some of my experiences, discoveries and ideas with my grandkids. I received feedback on what they liked about a particular text and what they wanted to hear more about. Some of the grandkids shared the texts they liked with their friends. One of the grandkids said they wanted me to write on a variety of subjects that they wouldn't hear about in school. So I did. I presented these texts to my grandkids with the understanding that they were about techniques and ideas that worked for me and they may or may not work for them. It was up to them to try some of these techniques and ideas to discover for themselves which texts were valid for them. I did not want them to believe something just because I believed it. The ideas and techniques in the weekly texts were presented in a fractal text writing format. Then the Grandkids didn't have to read the entire text beginning to end. They could use their iPhones to scroll around on the texts to see what caught their interest. They could then just read that part and still get the text's general message. When the fractal writing format is used in book form, it allows the reader to skip around to different subjects or read parts of the subject that might be of interest to them. The fractal writing technique also works well with Kindle and eBooks because they have scrolling capabilities. The reader can just read a part of the book and still get a good message. The subjects I wrote about were designed to stretch the readers' imagination and boundaries so that they would have the opportunity to consider possibilities that they might not have otherwise considered. Some of the major themes of the texts were to help the grandkids take responsibility for themselves and to learn how to create what they want in their lives. The themes also included the importance of having fun, understanding learning experiences , developing their talents and being all they can be. The message to you, the reader of this book, is that the fifty six Fantastic Grandkids texts may help you discover answers to many of the questions or issues you will encounter in your life's journey. Hopefully you will find these Fantastic Grandkids texts interesting and fun to read and they will also help to make your life more interesting, exciting and fulfilling. Paul Johnson
About the author
Paul William Johnson is registered professional civil engineer who grew up in a family road construction business. He has been a corporate executive, owned his own businesses, worked for the largest public water agency in the world, represented the owner constructing the largest roller compacted water storage reservoir in California. He has traded stocks and commodities since 1960. He is a farmer and an investor. He has participated in music and writing activities throughout his lifetime. He was director of early music in a large Southern California church where he taught and performed early music for 10 years. He also crafted reproductions of the early music instruments he used. He published a book called "Creative Blogging For Personal or Business Improvement, HOW YOU DO DAT". This book was entered in the writers guild contest and won first place it its genre. Paul William Johnson has been married to his wife Linda since 1963. They have five children, four are engineers/entrapreneurs/farmers and one is a University Professor. They have 13 grandchildren