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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Westerns
  • Language:English
  • Pages:120
  • eBook ISBN:9781624889936

The Wrong Side of Ugly

by C. A. Mariotti

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A plantation blacksmith, Eli Fury, escapes to the California Gold Rush only to find himself enslaved by murderous gold mining outlaws and his quest for freedom and riches turns deadly.
A plantation blacksmith, Eli Fury, escapes to the California Gold Rush in search of freedom and riches, only to find his former overseer in hot pursuit with two bounty hunters. Eli finally reaches California and ends up stranded in the small windswept desert mining town of Destiny. There he finds himself worse off than before as he is beset then enslaved by vile gunslingers: degenerate soldiers from the Mexican War known as The Devil’s Reapers, who at opportune times dress as demonic beasts preying on men’s superstitions led by the nefarious Jack Rader their former colonel. Forced to work again as a slave, Eli witnesses a cold-blooded racially motivated murder of two young miners. Feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders, Eli attempts to have the killers arrested, but to no avail because of the unjust witness laws. However, with the help of two new friends, an alcoholic entertainer, and a Chinese cook, Eli hatches a plan, and with the Sheriff’s help, the killers might face murder charges. However, their plans go south; sending Eli and company running for their lives hoping to escape long enough to return to town for the trial. Moreover, things get worse, when it didn’t seem possible when Eli’s former overseer and his bounty hunters find them and join the chase. Will Eli, and his allies survive the bloodshed? Will justice be served in a lawless town? Can right win out over greed and hatred? Will a saloon whore’s choice to join the fight bring them closer to victory or send them to the gallows? Those questions will be answered in a hail of bullets in a showdown on the dusty streets with a fortune of gold at stake… …and one thing’s for certain, blood is going to spill, bodies are going to fall, and lives will be lost in a desert gold mining town called Destiny.
About the author
Charles was born in Pasadena California in 1960 to Luiggi and Viola Mariotti. While his father was a first generation Italian American, his mother, a Boone, was from the lineage of Daniel Boone, and some of that frontiersmen spirit resides in Mr. Mariotti. He began his professional career after being recruited by a small public relations firm as a graphic artist and ad man. Within one year, he became the production coordinator and handled the electronic and print media, as well as continuing with the graphics arts for the firm. After many years, Charles jumped into the entertainment industry as a theatrical publicist, and a writer and producer where he successfully markets and distributes indie films. Charles has numerous projects in various stages of development, which include “The Wrong Side of Ugly,” that is moving forward to becoming a feature film.