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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Horror
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Journal 21 - The Vasile Chronicles
  • Series Number:0
  • Pages:174
  • eBook ISBN:9781617924323

The Woman on Pritchard Street

Journal 21 - The Vasile Chronicles

by jd young

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Sometimes things just fall into your lap. Some make you smile and enjoy the ride. Others make you grab your balls and pray for redemption. When this job fell my way, the easy money clouded my senses. Though my balls ached, I ignored my gut. I figured, why not? …Simon Nicolae Gautreaux
We follow Simon Gautreaux, a 3rd rung journalist from a backwoods town in Georgia to Washington DC and Budapest. When he lands in DC he takes a no-questions-asked job for a lot of money from an unknown benefactor to take pictures of visitors to a woman’s house in his old hometown. Simon finds he is spying on Grace Benoit, a girl he knew and loved. She is under the influence of a dark entity and Simon determines to save her. He fights the minions of hell to get her out of Georgia and back to DC only to find his benefactor is the source of the depravity suffered by Grace. His fear that evil that may again consume Grace prompts him to continue to do jobs for this benefactor. Simon realizes evil in all forms surrounds him and Grace, from a well-known DC hostess to the political glitterati, the head of a multinational newspaper conglomerate and the owner of a local nightspot that caters to DC law enforcement and Capitol Hill officials. The evil is infiltrating the halls of Congress with increasing movement into the White House. Simon is witness to several vicious attacks that leave victims in piles of dismembered parts on the streets of DC. Local police, the Vatican and Homeland Security are covering up the stories. He puts his life on the line to keep Grace safe and unravel the political stakes. He realizes everyone has shameful secrets, including himself. Finding a passport issued him as an infant, he travels to Budapest hoping for self-revelation, but finds startling information that directly impacts his fight to reclaim personal and political justice.
About the author
jd, a displaced Bronx housewife, lives in Southern Virginia with her husband. Her genteel surroundings belie her sharp wit and her "fight or flight" outlook on life. Though she is known for her humor, this "walk on the dark side" has proven to be as engaging as anything she has written. She believes her heavily wooded property with moonlight shadows and bumps in the night fuels her imagination to run the gamut from ordinary, to fearful, to bizarre. jd has published several short stories and her intense and oft times darker view of life is seductive. Her previous book of humor is being currently considered as "required reading" for a college writing course and she has recently agreed to teach a creative writing course for the Windmore Foundation for the Arts in Virginia. The Woman on Pritchard Street is the first in a trilogy of urban thrillers.