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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Coming of Age
  • Language:English
  • Pages:182
  • eBook ISBN:9781624883330

The Wizard Of Zee

by Desmond Bishop

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www.wizardofzee.webs.com This is an adult/teenage fantasy novel set in Gondwanaland 150 Million years ago. 11 year old Demki ventures into the wilderness and meets the Wizard of Zee and many colorful characters (including wild creatures).. This is a coming-of age time for him. He learns to see that he is part of nature. The shamans reveal that there is a threat of war ahead. The lion man with his friend, Kubulu the chameleon, hatch a plan to combat war with peace. Demki and his friends are sent on a mission to Vulcana to carry out this secret mission. All of this happens on the eve of the great tectonic shift that will forever cause Arabia, India, South America, Australia, Antarctica and New Zealand to leave the ancient continent of Gondwanaland. Demki develops his powers as a magician and experiences many of the joys of Nature.


The Wizard of Zee has traveled all the way from the ancient continent of Laurasia to settle in Gondwanaland to the South. It takes place 150 million years ago. he lives in the valley of Zam, deep in the wilderness. One morning an 11 year old boy, Demki, has ventured into this wilderness from the comfort zone of his family, who live in the far away stone city of Zaborah. He strays onto the Wizard's verandah and a new and wonderful world opens up to him. The Wizard is soon to host the Spring Equinox Congress of Shamans. A concert is being prepared for this. Spideroptimis and family are rehearsing the music, using their webs as harps. Elephants, hippos and even squirrels join in with their various instruments. At this Congress it is revealed that Bogaar, the mutant buffalo, from Vulcana is planning an invasion of the whole continent. he is busy training giant dragon-flies to help with the aerial assault. However Mhondoro, the lion man, with Shumba the lion and Kubulu, the chameleon, hatch a plan to fight war with peace. As part of this strategy Demki and his friends are dispatched northwards to Vulcana. Their job is to landscape Vulcana with special species of orchid. The attempted invasion takes place on the Summer Solstice. Demki returns to his home in the stone city of Zaborah and often returns to the Valley of Zam. There he enjoys being part of Nature. On his 12th birthday the fireflies come after sunset and present him with a birthday greeting in the air with their little lights. It has been predicted that Gondwanaland is about to disappear as the tectonic plates shift. India, Arabia, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica .will go global and leave Africa alone. But now Demki has learnt how to cope any such event, because he has learnt how to be himself.

About the author

Desmond Bishop BA in English and Politics - Rhodes University. Worked as a Theatre/TV/Radio producer and writer. Also worked as a teacher/lecturer in English Drama, Media and Geography in Australia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Thailand. Interests are the Environment; Art; Politics; Indigenous Culture and Travel. I call Australia home but I like to spend time in SE Asia